Aggregate Inventory Management in SAP, Part I of II

Aggregate Inventory Management in SAP, Part I of II

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implement SAP Material Document Aggregation Tool and Classify Materials Based on Value and Consumption

Reading time: 16 mins

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Organizations strive to achieve high standards in customer service with balanced investment inventory. Material planners, from the plant to managerial to the corporate level, work on managing inventory on a periodic basis to maintain balance between inventory to carry vs. customer satisfaction. The right tools can replace spreadsheets to help organize this information effectively on a periodic basis. Using SAP's MRP Monitor add-on tool can help companies avoid manipulations that could occur on a spreadsheet.

After reading this article you will be able to:
- Implement material document analysis with various parameters including stock tables, movement types relevant for consumption
- Translate organization's inventory policy guidelines and threshold values of ABC/XYZ/LMN into SAP system parameters
- Analyze consumption, receipts and stock calculations on both make to stock (MTS) and make to order (MTO) product mix across group of plants
- Set up batch schedules and periodic maintenance procedures for functional and basis teams
- Understand how to optimize system performance

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