A Step-by-Step Guide to Business Rules Framework Plus

A Step-by-Step Guide to Business Rules Framework Plus

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Learn the essentials of the SAP Business Rules Framework Plus (BRFplus) rules. Discover how to work with the BRFplus tool, how to create a simulation for rules, and how to call a rule from an ABAP program.

Key Concept

The BRFplus tool provides a sophisticated user interface for creating functions that comprise a number of rules. You can use these functions to represent business rules and scenarios as well as other formulas and conditions. You can call functions created using the BRFplus tool from an ABAP program.

With the launch of NetWeaver 7.02, SAP updated its Business Rules tool as Business Rules Framework Plus (BRFplus.) This tool, which is accessed via transaction BRFplus, offers numerous advantages, and therefore, learning the essentials is a must for SAP developers.

BRFplus is an ABAP-based framework that provides a user interface for defining, modeling, and processing business rules. You can use these rules in many different applications. For example, the rules can be used for data validation or calculation and computation based on formulas and conditional checks. It is also possible to generate Web services based on rules defined within the BRFplus tool. In this way, you can offer the rules as a service within a service-oriented architecture (SOA) landscape. In the section “An Example Scenario and Corresponding BRF Application Components,” I describe a sample business scenario that uses the BRFplus tool.

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