Live from SAPinsider Event 2023: Upgrading Workforce Peak Performance to Enable Successful Business Transformation

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Business transformation is critical for organizations of all sizes across all industries to ensure business continuity, increase efficiencies, and grow revenues.

⇨ Organizations can fall short of their business transformation goals when the process is focused on technology rather than people.

⇨ Executives need to invest in the peak performance of their workforce to align with modern organizations' process and technological improvements.

At the SAPinsider Vegas 2023 conference, Chang-Hyun Ko, Director of Performance for Team Liquid, gave an inspiring keynote speech about how organizations can invest in their workforce to achieve peak performance. His session  centered on “upgrading to your human 2.0 version.” As technology and processes evolve, organizations must also help their workforce evolve. That way, all aspects of the business (people, process, technology) can operate efficiently to increase overall productivity.  

What Does Peak Performance Look Like?  

Mr. Ko has identified the key components of peak performance that enable the 2.0 upgrade of your human version. He has found success in applying these ideas to businesses in various industries. His fundamental concept starts with “getting rid of any performance blockers as fast as possible.” An obstacle-free environment is crucial to fostering a culture of innovation whereby individuals are empowered to reach their highest potential in alignment with achieving team goals. Mr. Ko’s methods are well-tested in the highly competitive billion-dollar gaming industry and translate across industries into the business environment. Organizations that invest in peak employee performance can unlock workforce/team efficiency and productivity gains and better integrate the ongoing process and technology improvements consistent with business transformation. Mr. Ko notes, “there is constant evolution in business, and a successful approach requires shared goals, new experiences, and new challenges.” This approach was on display in one of his slides, as seen below: 

As organizations pursue opportunities with a business transformation powered by SAP S/4HANA, the pressures of staying competitive and agile in the digital economy can be daunting. Business agility has become a key differentiator for many organizations, allowing them to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment and evolving customer needs. However, at the foundation of a successful business transformation is the people. 

Investing in People 

Technology alone cannot drive business transformation; it needs to be supported by people who understand how technology can be used to meet organizational goals. Investing in technology should not mean abandoning investments in people. It is clear from Mr. Ko’s keynote presentation that organizations must invest in their workforce to enable peak performance and prepare for the next generation of employees who have skills consistent with strong gaming backgrounds. We also know that to retain and engage the next generation’s workforce truly, employers must add value with advanced technologies.  

Investing in employee training programs to use new technologies, such as AI or automation tools, will help ensure employees can effectively leverage these technologies to work more efficiently. This will also help employees gain confidence with emerging technologies so they can focus on strategic tasks instead of getting bogged down with mundane duties or technical problems. A holistic approach that combines technological solutions with human experience management investments can address these challenges. By doing so, organizations can create an environment where employees can thrive while enabling business transformation efforts.  

Overall, Mr. Ko’s keynote session provided valuable insight into achieving peak organizational performance by emphasizing the importance of investing in people and technology as part of a successful business transformation process. Investing in the development of your workforce is just as important as investing in technical advancements, if not more so. It is your employees who will drive your business forward. Without investing in your workforce, it may be difficult for organizations to achieve peak operational performance. 


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