Video Q &A with Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Winshuttle

Video Q &A with Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Winshuttle

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By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider


While there is no disputing the fact that data is the new oil, the important aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that this “oil” needs to be processed to transform it into meaningful insights. And that is why data management is such a critical aspect. SAP technology ecosystem is complex and complexity of these systems makes associated data management and governance complex as well. The process is fragmented, sits with multiple teams, and managed manually in many organizations. Challenges of these inefficient processes get exacerbated when mass processing of data needs to happen. It may lead to massive inaccuracies and data security and integrity issues. Organizations today realize these challenges and are actively looking to replace existing tribal approaches of data management and governance with more robust solutions and automation of data management processes is one such solution.

You can read more about data management challenges for data intense processes in SAP technology ecosystem here:

Addressing Data Management Challenges for Data Intense Processes in SAP Ecosystem

There is obviously a need for data management solutions that are designed specifically for SAP business process automation, SAP data management, and have capability to seamlessly integrate with SAP. SAPinsider recently had the opportunity to discuss the importance of data management automation with Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing manager at Winshuttle. Watch the video here:







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