Why ‘Why Not SAP’ Has Become ‘En Vogue’

Why ‘Why Not SAP’ Has Become ‘En Vogue’

SAP Transportation Management has come a long way to be considered a market leading transportation solution. For years the measurement of market leadership was focused primarily on features and functions and the ability to provide reference stories; at the same time SAP’s ‘Integration by Design’ to the ERP backend has always stood out as a differentiating capability. Embedded TM in SAP S/4HANA removes additional cost drivers around hardware infrastructure and middleware layers when customers evaluate TMS solutions.

Now that SAP Transportation Management has been in the marketplace for 10 years this session will provide a view on how clients can put together a business case for a transportation management solution. Walk away from this session with a framework on value categories that you can apply to your situation in transportation and logistics operations. Understand the difference between ‘Basic Transportation’ and ‘Advanced Transportation’ in SAP S/4HANA and how the embedded version will make the deployment of SAP Transportation Management easier than ever before.

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