Why Masking is a Must-Have for Test Data Management

Why Masking is a Must-Have for Test Data Management

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Cybersecurity demands are becoming more relevant and complex, especially since the introduction of GDPR. Organizations now find themselves asking questions about:

  • Standardizing, automating, and accelerating a vital tasks like data masking
  • How to protect sensitive data for non-productive systems?
  • How to get anonymized data which are GDPR-compliant?

Join experts Bernd Baier, Sr. Solution Architect, and Miroslav Jakovljevic, Software Architect and Director of Libelle as they address these three main questions regarding data security.

Attend this session to:

  • Understand why masking is critical for test data management
  • Identify the risk of non-anonymized data and the importance of anonymizing data
  • Determine the current and future requirements for anonymizing sensitive data

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