The Future of Analytics on SAP: A Guide to Decision Intelligence for SAP Data

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAP BW and SAP HANA: Essential for storing ERP data, but traditional BI solutions struggle to effectively integrate SAP and non-SAP data.

⇨ Pyramid Decision Intelligence: Helps leverage SAP investments in modern analytics stacks, enabling unified analytics across SAP and non-SAP environments.

⇨ Benefits of Decision Intelligence: Speeds up insights, scales adoption, and simplifies analysis by providing direct access to SAP data without moving it, enabling governed self-service, and supporting AI-driven experiences.

SAP BW and SAP HANA represent essential investments in storing ERP data. Now cloud object stores like Amazon Redshift, data clouds like Snowflake, and data lakes offer the opportunity to extend the value of SAP data. But traditional BI solutions cannot effectively bring SAP and non-SAP data together in a single platform for analysis, while also preserving the critical hierarchies, content, and logic in SAP. Pyramid Decision Intelligence for SAP helps companies leverage their investment in SAP in a modern analytics stack.

We see this consistently across all industries. People can now enjoy a seamless, unified analytics experience that enables collaboration across SAP and non-SAP environments. They don’t have to worry about the  underlying infrastructure and can focus on driving better, faster decisions.

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid is what’s next in analytics. Our unified decision intelligence platform delivers insights for everyone to make faster, more informed decisions. It provides direct access to any data intelligence, enables governed self service for any person, and serves any analytics need in a no-code environment. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform uniquely combines Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science in a single environment with AI guidance, reducing cost and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. No other platform can provide this much enterprise value to organizations running on SAP.

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