The Essential Data Intelligence Buyer’s Guide

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Accelerating Insights: Automated data discovery and collaborative access reduce the time to insights, making active metadata crucial for a dynamic and actionable data environment.

⇨ Industry Impact: Diverse organizations, from defense to healthcare to retail, have successfully used Collibra's Data Intelligence Platform to centralize, govern, and enhance their data for better decision-making.

⇨ Strategic Implementation: Starting with data cataloging, quality measures, and governance frameworks, and using agile methodologies, ensures rapid, flexible, and scalable data intelligence adoption.

Data is a critical resource and a strategic asset An opportunity and a risk As data and AI leaders, data informs all of your decisions and is critical to success And with the increased interest in AI, ensuring trust in your data is more important than ever before.

But this isn’t easy — you face three challenging headwinds:
• More stringent regulations
• More data consumers
• More data A lot more data

Luckily, there is a solution Leveraging the right data intelligence platform can help reduce the costs associated with scaling data operations, ensuring data integrity for internal and external uses, and unlocking the strategic value of your data From e-commerce to gaming, AI to EVs, the significance of data is only growing The recent explosion in interest around AI has only intensified our reliance on trusted data AI — and generative AI especially — is a transformative technology The power of LLMs is inspiring It’s no surprise that 7 out of 10 are internally developing apps that will incorporate AI or ML. If you’re considering a data intelligence platform, the first question to ask is what is data intelligence?

How to use this guide
Whether you’re just learning about data intelligence or you’re looking to refine your data management strategies, this buyer’s guide is for you It’s structured to be both linear and modular If you’re a beginner, we
recommend going through each section in order, building a step-by- step understanding For those familiar with certain topics, feel free to jump to the sections that address your specific needs or challenges.

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