Modernize and Galvanize Your SAP Data with Cloud

Modernize and Galvanize Your SAP Data with Cloud

Data: the new currency

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Enterprise data is coming to an inflection point. How will you respond to your competition?

⇨ Enterprises see the cloud as a platform that unifies and unlocks their data’s hidden value.

⇨ In a survey of enterprise businesses by SAPinsider, 45% of respondents reported they had an enterprise-wide strategy for their SAP and non-SAP data.

Enterprises are uncovering the wealth of value hidden within their data estates. By investing in their data, organizations—many of which rely on SAP—accelerate their business, enable more accurate forecasting, and spur innovation.

This era of data abundance does not come without challenges, however. Third-party applications store CRM, HR, finance, and marketing data locally, in the cloud, or both, creating disparate data silos. This challenge is especially apparent in legacy SAP deployments, applications, and integrations.

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