Video: Reducing Cybersecurity Risk

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Enterprise landscapes are changing as workloads move to the cloud, but organizations must understand and balance security across those landscapes

⇨ Managing and securing data and backups is vital to protecting the most important asset of any organization

As organizations continue to accelerate their move to the cloud it is critical that they put in place plans that will not only help them manage and balance their new cloud-based and existing on-premise solutions but ensure that the backups of these environments are both secure and immutable. But while it is crucial that backups are in place to ensure that systems and services can be restored in as short a time as possible, just as important is storing historical data for compliance reasons as well as examining data that is backed up to reveal anything anomalous that might indicate a cyber breach.

In this video interview with Jason Cook, Regional Vice President for Sales Engineering, Major Accounts at Rubrik, we discuss how organizations can reduce their cybersecurity risk while protecting their brand and putting in place the best security posture possible.

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