Video Q&A with Sahil Dhawan, Global SAP Business Head, TechMahindra

Video Q&A with Sahil Dhawan, Global SAP Business Head, TechMahindra

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By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation and Analytics, SAPinsider


Automotive industry is going through a challenging phase due to supply chain disruptions experienced during the pandemic. These challenges, along with other imperatives like the need to digitize for cost leadership, changing product portfolio and customer excellence are some of the drivers that are making many automotive suppliers look at tools and technologies that can help them execute the strategies to address these drivers. For those suppliers that are operating in SAP technology ecosystem, an area where they see the need for a smart digital tool is managing SAP business processes. These suppliers see a need to streamline operations, provide greater visibility and control over core business processes as one of the core necessities of their digital transformation journey. For additional insights on how technology can help address challenges that automotive suppliers face, please refer to the following link:

Leveraging Technology to Address Automotive Industry Challenges

SAPinsider reccently had an opportunity to sit with Sahil Dhawan, Global Business Head for SAP business at Tech Mahindra, a leading information technology services and product company, to discuss the challenges automotive vendors face in their digital transformation journey and how AutoShift, an innovative product focused in this space helps them address these challenges. Watch the entire video here:

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