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Techwave is a leading global IT and engineering services and solutions company revolutionizing digital transformations. We believe in enabling clients to maximize the potential and achieve a greater market with a wide array of technology services, including, but not limited to, Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development, Analytics, Digital, and the Internet of things (IoT).

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    To adapt to the fast-changing business environment, trailblazing firms are utilizing novel and pragmatic strategies. Our Strategic Consulting encapsulates years of customer and industry expertise into tailored counsel that will help your firm not only prosper but also successfully embrace industry upheavals..

  • Digital Supply Chain


    With years of expertise and insights, Techwave brings to you – strategies and solutions for all kinds of Food Production Industries. It is now time to optimize your manufacturing process with Techwave’s Smart Enterprise for Production – SAP Business All-in-One-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution..

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  • Webinar : Accelerate SAP HANA with testing automation

    Find out how to dramatically decrease your HANA project timelines by attending this webinar! You will also learn about Test plan, Data integration, performance testing and more.

  • CIO Roundtable: Containers for Post-Pandemic IT Architecture

    Flexibility is the future. Modern business requires speed, scalability, and resilience. Wondering what the one-stop solution for all three is? It’s Containerization. Containerization allows applications to be written once and run anywhere. It eliminates IT infrastructure lock-ins and extracts complete advantage out of modern cloud architecture..

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