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The information that must accompany a new drug or a medical device is extensive and complex, and is also highly regulated – because any mistakes or errors can directly affect patient outcomes and patient safety.
Our journey started when a pharmaceutical clinical research team asked us to help them ensure the product data, expiry date, dosage, warning symbols, and every other piece of regulated content required on the labels and leaflets accompanying their clinical trial drugs, were correct when printed.
These small details are critically important, and really matter to every patient or healthcare professional that is relying on any drug or medical device.
So, they really matter to us as well. To the extent that this has been our sole focus for over 15 years.
Which is why, today, our unique products and technologies are being used to deliver certainty that these small details are correct on every one of the 10 million+ medical devices, clinical trial and pharmaceutical products our customers research and manufacture every year.

Westborough, MA United States of America

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