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GK Software AG

GK Software was founded in 1990 and has grown rapidly ever since. The ongoing commitment from both leadership and employees has led GK Software to become the leading European provider of integrated store solutions.
With more than  400,000 POS and payments installations  in more than  50 countries, we are a key player in the international market for store solutions. Our high-quality solution portfolio as well as our vast corporate network allows us to successfully implement major international projects and has led to our success around the globe.
Since 1997, we have consistently used Java as a platform for all our solutions and for more than 10 years, we have continuously innovated the GK/Retail solution based on the latest technologies and open standards. In 2000, GK/Retail was the first store solution certified by SAP.
Our ongoing growth continues to prove our success. Now a publicly traded organization, we have drastically multiplied our revenues and increased the size of our team to more than  1,200 employees globally.
For mobile solutions, centralized architectures, or enterprise-wide monitoring of thousands of stores in different countries, GK/Retail sets the standard one of many reasons SAP sells our solutions worldwide.
Our ultimate goal is to support our customers in offering excellent in-store service because our customers success is our success.

Raleigh, NC United States

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