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  1. Demand for Diverse Perspectives: Women Leaders in SAP and Tech

  2. Case Study: Alphabet’s SAP on Google Cloud Journey-Experiences and Innovations

  3. End-to-End Security Strategies for SAP S/4HANA


  1. Output management for SAP infrastructure image

    Video: Output Management’s Vital Role for SAP Customers

    The migration to HANA gives companies the opportunity to move their SAP environment to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Moving SAP to the cloud promises to improve operations, offer better security, and reduce costs, but to experience significant cost reductions, the cloud size needs to change dynamically based on the systems’ actual performance and…
  2. Segregation Of Duties Analyses, Still Worth The Effort?

    Because auditors use Segregation of Duties (SOD) reports to validate access controls, organizations spend time analyzing SoDs and limiting user access. They spend even more time managing access request escalations, executing mitigations, and designing and managing complex roles. Given the cost and complexity, does static SOD reporting make sense? Is there a better way? Absolutely.…
  3. SAP S/4HANA CDS based queries and BW queries: two technologies revisited and compared

    A large number of analytics related managers and developers are increasingly confronted with the question of how SAP S/4HANA Core Data Services query-based architectures can be compared from a feature perspective with BW Queries, which can be implemented using S/4HANA Embedded BW. This session introduces the topic fundamentally and provides insights from the perspective of…
  4. Detailed Instruction To Smoothly Integrate Payroll And Finance

    Attend this session to learn the key integration points between the HR payroll functions and SAP ERP Financials. Get answers to the biggest integration challenges, including how retroactive calculations are posted, how month-end accruals are posted through payroll processing, and how to verify that third-party remittance has been done for off-cycle payrolls. Join to: •…
  5. Tips And Tricks To Optimize Performance And Goals

    Revolutionize your business meetings with instant insights at your fingertips, using SAP Digital Boardroom. By attending this session, you will: • Learn how to turn meetings from one-way presentations of static data to live, interactive, fact-based discussions • Gain methods to transform traditional reports into real-time performance playbooks • Explore how you can view live…
  6. The Basics Of Basis Administration – Take Home.Xlsx

    Attend this 3-hour session for answers to your most pressing questions about Basis administration to ensure your SAP landscape runs smoothly and efficiently. If you are new to Basis administration, this will provide the groundwork you need to succeed, and more experienced administrators will come away with new tips and techniques to add to their…
  7. Blueprint For Dsc Transformation W Ibp V1

    Ready to get started implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning? In this session, hear expert recommendations and advice based on real use cases about what works in an implementation, tips in taking a successful approach, and pitfalls to avoid. Walk away with a blueprint for how efforts put forth during project preparation create a better path…
  8. Supply Chain Maturity And Dynamic Response Capabilities

    Download this session presentation from the SAPinsider Orlando 2019 event to gain key insights into SCM on "Supply Chain Maturity And Dynamic Response Capabilities". This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member
  9. Case Study – Monster Winshuttle

    Getting new products to market faster is critical to success in today’s consumer-driven world. In this session, Rudy Rios, IT Director, SAP at Monster Energy, will detail how this fast-growing, global beverage company digitized and transformed their SAP launch processes with Winshuttle’s NPI (New Product Introduction) solution. You’ll hear how the company took a three-phased…
  10. Accelerate and Simplify Planning While Making It Smarter – APO to IBP Demand

    Collaborate across lines of business and automate planning processes. Anticipate customer behavior with computing power and Big Data that enable predictive capabilities…. This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member... This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member