Supply Chain Management

Managing your Design to Operate process lifecycle has never been more challenging, as customer demand patters and supply networks are constantly in flux making it more difficult to coordinate planning, production, and logistics.  Content in this group of categories will help customers understand what it takes to create nimble, flexible, product design and development, planning, production, and logistics. We’ll cover core solutions with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA as well as cloud based, planning, manufacturing and procurement solutions. You will learn from both thought leadership as well as case studies and best practices to get the most out of your investment in both SAP and non-SAP solutions


  1. Manage Material Requirements Planning Exception Messages in SAP

    Reading time: 12 mins

  2. Industry 4.0 – The Journey to the Future of Productivity

    Reading time: 5 mins


  1. SCM Accelerators

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Manufacturing companies are often overwhelmed by the breadth of Industry 4.0 technologies and are not quite sure where to begin their digital transformations. Learn how to assess product bottlenecks and inefficiencies and how to build incrementally on end-to-end processes such as design to operate. Because unique customer demands heavily affect product design and manufacturing, manufacturers…
  2. Stream-Flo Group of Companies

    We work with the world ‘s most complex supply chains delivering excellence through consultancy, systems implementation, application managed services, carefree solutions and accelerators. Our team enable change and transformation  through the  use of the latest best-practice and innovations in technology.
  3. Skillnet Solutions

    SkillNet is a professional services company, providing consulting and technology solutions. Our 100% commerce focus allows us to close the gap between yesterday’s technology and tomorrow’s commerce. Since 1996, we have partnered with hundreds of retailers across 53 countries to enable rich Customer Experience
  4. seeit solutions

    Seeit Solutions is a consulting company focused on delivering integrated manufacturing intelligence (SAP MII) software and professional services that empower our clients to achieve results through improved efficiency, optimized performance, improved reliability and regulatory compliance. Our core business is transforming plant and shop floor data into actionable business information to identify opportunities to improve operations,…
  5. Serac Solutions, Inc.

    At Serac we are laser focused on the future of manufacturing. We develop amazing software to unlock the full potential of your operations. Our mission is to help you consistently produce and deliver world class products to your customers. Your business is special. Let ‘s brainstorm and find ways to leverage your competitive advantage. Through…
  6. SCM Accelerators

    We are a full-service Supply Chain Process and IT consulting firm, focused on end-to-end Digital Supply Chain Transformation solutions and services. We have serviced some of the largest customers in the world with process and technology innovations that have allowed them to grow, not despite their Supply Chain but often because of it. We believe…
  7. RFgen Software

    RFgen Software empowers enterprise organizations to achieve digital success by equipping customers to overcome the challenges of today ,and tomorrow. We strive to position your business for growth and long-term profitability by equipping you with a sharp competitive edge to a become market leader in your industry. Together, we can realize your digital vision with…
  8. Q-Perior

    Our name Q_PERIOR sums up what we as management consulting are all about: always achieving first-class results for our customers. The Q stands for “quality”, _PERIOR derives from “superior”. Our focus is on the integration of business & IT. We work solution- and service-oriented and have cross-industry thematic expertise. This creates innovative, creative impulses and…
  9. Prisym ID

    The information that must accompany a new drug or a medical device is extensive and complex, and is also highly regulated – because any mistakes or errors can directly affect patient outcomes and patient safety. Our journey started when a pharmaceutical clinical research team asked us to help them ensure the product data, expiry date,…
  10. PMC America

    Founded in 1994, pmc is an SAP Special Expertise and Solution Partner offering consulting and innovative solutions proven to improve the business efficiency, profitability, and adaptability of Automotive Suppliers and Component Manufacturers. pmc delivers end-to-end software solutions designed to facilitate lean principles enabling companies to immediately improve business operations and build competitive advantage. pmc maximizes…