Security has always been important for SAP applications with a primary focus on access and process control. As organizations focus on moving enterprise applications to cloud space, the overall security and compliance with government regulations and standards have become critical. Content in this topic area will focus on ensuring that SAP systems are secure from internal and external security threats and discuss precautions that organizations can take to prepare their systems for potential cybersecurity attacks. Additionally, it will address the impact of different compliance regulations and possible actions that SAPinsiders need to take to ensure that their applications and data meet the requirements.


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    SAP Announces It Is Addressing Cyber Security Gaps in Multiple Cloud Solutions

    Reading time: 2 mins

  2. Impact of Cloud and SAP HANA on Enterprise Security Strategy Benchmark Report

    Reading time: 1 mins

  3. Insights for Evaluating, Identifying, and Executing Cybersecurity for Your SAP Systems

    Reading time: 5 mins


  1. AWS

    Reading time: 5 mins

    AWS is the platform of choice and innovation for 5000+ SAP customers and hundreds of partners. Whether you want to lift and shift ECC to reduce costs, migrate to SAP S/4HANA, or innovate with 200+ AWS services, you can count on AWS’s unmatched experience, infrastructure, and platform breadth to get more value out of your SAP investments.

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    What Is SAP Universal ID? 

    Reading time: 2 mins

    SAP Universal ID is a unified account across SAP that enables users to log on to SAP systems using one account. It links all existing SAP legacy accounts and easily allows users to switch between them.   What are the benefits of SAP Universal ID?  The benefits of SAP Universal ID include:  Users take control of…
  3. Impact20: Security and Compliance For Your SAP Applications

    Applications are attractive targets for hackers and privileged insiders because they handle some of an organization’s most sensitive data. SAP’s applications are no different as organizations rely on them for some their most sensitive data. Additionally, because of the data they handle, these same applications are often subject to compliance obligations drive by either industry…...…
  4. Strengthen Security & Risk Management in Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA

    Migrating to S/4HANA represents one of the largest opportunities for business transformation an organization can undergo. As with most large-scale implementation projects, the audit of existing business processes must play a vital role in managing risk. In addition, optimizing and putting additional controls in place must be considered, as business processes have likely grown in…
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    How to Secure Your Business-Critical SAP Applications Against Modern Ransomware

    Over the past year, it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s another story about a debilitating ransomware attack on the business-critical systems that power our global economy. From fuel and energy companies to food processing corporations, no industry is immune. As threat actors target essential and larger organizations for increasing ransom values, it’s clear that…
  6. VATBox

    VATBox ‘s mission is to empower financial professionals to make strategic decisions based on their transactional data while ensuring unrivalled compliance and savings.
  7. SECUDE Americas

    SECUDE is an established global Security
  8. SecureWorks

    Secureworks is 100% focused on cyberSecurity
  9. SAP NS2

    We ‘re committed to securing your data and systems. At SAP NS2, we deliver secure cloud hosting and secure software support for SAP products, and extend our Security
  10. Royal Cyber

    Royal Cyber is an award-winning business solutions provider that serves organizations across different industry verticals around the globe. A leader in delivering world-class commerce and enterprise solutions, Royal Cyber helps organizations streamline business operations and compete in the global marketplace by focusing on a range of cutting-edge technologies such as Watson, IoT, ChatBoT, BPM, DevOps,…