Systems Administration

Explore the options that are required to derive the best performance from both operating systems and hardware on which SAP systems are running, and the choices that are available when considering new on-premise and cloud infrastructure investments. Learn about the best ways to leverage SAP Solution Manager, and how that can be used when moving into cloud-based environments, as well as tips for improving your understanding and usage. Understand how to streamline management of your SAP systems, and what the roadmaps are for future administration and maintenance activities. 


  1. SUSE

    Reading time: 1 mins

    SUSE, the world’s largest independent open source company, provides unparalleled customer choice and powers digital transformation for the enterprise by simplifying, modernizing and accelerating traditional, cloud and edge solutions. SUSE collaborates with partners, communities and customers to deliver and support solutions that enable mission-critical business outcomes. SUSE’s container and cloud platforms, software-defined infrastructure, artificial intelligence and edge computing solutions allow customers to create, deploy and manage workloads anywhere – on premises, multi-cloud and edge. For more information, visit

  2. cloud

    Roundtable Discussion: Intelligent, Connected Manufacturing with SAP

    The global pandemic has forced manufacturers to operate in unprecedented ways – remotely, virtually and digitally – while also presenting challenges such as new consumer behaviors and supply chain constraints. The more technologically advanced businesses are better equipped to quickly reset production requirements, manage supply chain fluctuations and engage employees, by investing in enterprise software…
  3. Consolidate Multiple SAP and Non-SAP Systems into One S/4HANA Implementation

    Navigating the journey to SAP S/4HANA but unsure how to retire old and costly applications without comprising the integrity of your data? Simplify the push towards digital transformation and cut desperate ties with aging legacy systems. Take a one-step approach and transform data from any SAP or non-SAP system onto a single unified platform. Leverage…...…
  4. Workflow Extensions With SAP Business Technology Platform — Your Highway to the Cloud

    Reading time: 10 mins

    It is fascinating to witness the differences between how organizations handle workflows within their business processes and business process management operations. One organization may have a straightforward process with standard use cases and related business applications. Another organization may handle workflows very differently related to how they manage activities and the individuals contributing to the…
  5. Accounting and finance expands influence image

    Accounting & Finance Expands Its Influence

    Reading time: 7 mins

    Accounting & Finance Expands Its Influence Across the Enterprise Utilities that are publicly traded companies are subject to various audits under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. Beyond recordkeeping and reporting, accounting & finance deliver an important strategic function across the enterprise. For UGI Utilities, a wholly owned subsidiary of UGI Corp., continued transformation is a key…
  6. Cognizant

    We believe the best digital transformation starts small. Making targeted operational and technology decisions will strengthen your existing position, empower your workforce and drive lasting organizational change. We will meet you where you are, identifying the highest-impact solutions, tools and processes to help you realize quick return on investments and become an agile, future-ready, intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

  7. Indirect Tax: A new engine for automation in global finance

    The rapid pace of sales and use tax reform and government-mandated changes in VAT and GST requirements are impacting the finance automation priorities of businesses around the world. Please join us for this fresh session to learn how you can leverage SAP solutions for global sales and value-added tax determination, filing, and real-time reporting across…
  8. Hershey Demonstrates the Strategic Value of Controls & Compliance

    Reading time: 5 mins

    The Hershey Company’s move to SAP S/4HANA prompted a reassessment of its governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategy. As part of this review, Internal Audit (IA) resources were reviewed, restructured, and incorporated into the SAP S/4HANA project plan. The IA team employs an Agile implementation strategy to build controls into the process, evaluate performance, and…
  9. SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics journey

    Managing SAP HANA requires a wide range of skills. Take a deep dive into advanced SAP HANA administration and master techniques and tools for effective analysis of issues, monitoring of the workload, and overall management of SAP HANA systems, including multi-tenant databases. Attend this comprehensive session to: -Learn how to leverage the SAP HANA cockpit…
  10. SAP HANA guide to performance analysis, optimization, and administration techniques

    A mix of presentation/lecture and demonstrations using HANA Studio and HANA Cockpit with the latest HANA 2.0 SP05 system. The goal is to focus on using the tools for performance analysis, review several key capabilities for monitoring system performance, workload analysis, analysis of SQL expensive statements, and what to look for in diagnostic files and…