Human Capital Management

Content in this area will help HR, payroll, talent, and recruiting professionals understand how to get the most out of both SAP and SAP SuccessFactors technologies across core HR, payroll, time management, talent management, recruiting, and employee experience. This area will include content that helps HR organizations leverage the latest HCM and HXM technology to meet the requirements of increased workforce efficiency, greater employee engagement, improved employee experience, and reduced costs of critical business processes. 


  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. SuccessFactors Time Tracking

    Video Q&A: Amy Wilson Discusses SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking

  3. SAP SuccessFactors

    Meet the Women Steering the Ship at SAP SuccessFactors

    Reading time: 14 mins


  1. Zag Limited

    Reading time: 14 mins

    We ‘re the SAP & AWS partner that New Zealand trusts. After all, we were born here. Kiwi businesses face countless challenges. We know them all. In fact, we’ve successfully tackled them for over 20 years. More than 100 organisations have come to us for a boost and, working together, we ‘ve helped them leap…
  2. Account for Time Zone Differences So That They Do Not Affect Your Global Close

    Reading time: 13 mins

    When a global company has a period-end close, a great deal of coordination needs to occur among the independent locations to make sure that tight deadlines are met. The author provides eight tips to prevent misunderstandings that can occur because of timing differences when you have offices in more than one time zone. When a…...…
  3. Event Management Offers a Real-Time Window on Your Supply Chain

    Reading time: 8 mins

    SAP recently introduced its Event Management application, which allows users to monitor the supply chain and react to problems when they arise. This overview of Event Management explains the features of the functionality and provides ideas for how you might use it at your site. SAP’s newly launched event management system is designed to allow…...…
  4. Ask the HR Expert: How to Handle Positions After a Termination Event in PD

    Reading time: 6 mins

    The author explains that when you terminate an employee in R/3, the only thing the system does is delimit (put an end date on) the A 008 (holder) relationship between the person and the position. That is why the position object still exists after the employee has been terminated. She then discusses how to distinguish…...…
  5. Develop and Retain Talent by Incorporating Careers in Your R/3 Succession Planning

    Reading time: 12 mins

    Succession planning allows companies to build plans for developing and retaining talent. The SAP R/3 Human Resources module offers standard functionality for succession planning, career planning, and employee development. The author focuses on how to build and use the career object in R/3 as part of your overall succession plan. Human capital is an important…...…
  6. How Wage Type Valuation Bases Turn Payroll Numbers into Money

    Reading time: 16 mins

    Within any payroll, there will always be payments input as numbers that then need to be converted into money. The method of achieving this in R/3 is known as the “wage type valuation base.” The author gives some background on valuation bases and shows how each works. He provides two examples of using valuation bases…...…
  7. RF-Enable Logistics Transactions for Automated Data Collection in Real Time

    Reading time: 18 mins

    When you implement bar-coding and radio-frequency (RF) technology in your warehouse or plant, you must modify a number of commonly used SAP transactions so that they recognize RF devices. The author of this article lists the transactions you will likely have to modify and provide advice for doing so. However, users have been demanding transactions…...…
  8. Improve APO Load Performance with Three Advanced Filtering Techniques

    Reading time: 12 mins

    ou probably don’t need to use all the data in your APO source system for your BW-generated demand planning reports. Filtering that data so your query uses only what’s relevant will boost performance. Learn about three methods for carrying out this filtering: filtering in the source system, using the InfoPackage selection criteria, and filtering in…...…
  9. What You’re Missing Without Custom HR ABAP Object Technology

    Reading time: 18 mins

    SAP’s ABAP Objects promise faster development times and reduced maintenance costs, yet they have failed to catch on for custom HR software development. For various reasons, HR support teams are depriving their companies of the full potential of their SAP HR implementations. The author shows how this technology can provide HR analysts with expanded report…...…
  10. Make-to-Order WIP and Cost of Sales: You Have Three (Not Two)

    Reading time: 10 mins

    A subtle but important difference in the way you can have the CO module calculate work in process (WIP) and cost of sales (COS) sneaked into R/3 way back in Release 4.0. Thanks to the vocabulary words selected to describe this new option – “Valuated Sales Order Stock with Sales Order Controlling” – few people,…...…