Governance, Risk & Compliance

Increased regulation, and significant technology and business transformation holds ramification for GRC teams and strategy. Content in this category targets risk, audit, and compliance leaders and their teams. We will explore best practices from process perspective, but also delve into how organizations are using both SAP and third-party solutions to manage risk, user access, security, data protection and privacy and support their overall controls environment. Explore best practices, and case studies that will help your organization improve their current compliance initiative, apply leading edge technology, and get greater visibility into the key risks and vulnerabilities that impact your organization.


  1. GRC for SAP S/4HANA and Cloud Applications Research Report

    Reading time: 1 mins

  2. Managing the Identity Life Cycle in Hybrid SAP Environments

    Managing the Identity Life Cycle in Hybrid SAP Environments

    Reading time: 13 mins

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    Brighthouse Financial Accelerates User Provisioning Cycles

    Reading time: 4 mins


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    Reading time: 4 mins

    Before integrating Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution and SAP Access Control, Brighthouse Financial ran an entirely manual user provisioning process using an access request feature in SharePoint. This case study explains how the Fortune 500 company improved their user provisioning processes for SAP products with SAP Access Control and then implemented Saviynt’s IGA…
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services Handles Complex Compliance Checks

    Reading time: 10 mins

    Discover how to perform an import and export check using SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services. Key Concept Export and import compliance checks involve performing trade compliance checks against outbound and inbound transactions (such as sales orders, delivery notes, stock transport orders, vendor purchase orders, or inbound deliveries). Both export and import checks entail performing three…...…
  3. Create a Centralized Control Management System by Integrating Access and Process Controls

    Reading time: 17 mins

    See how to integrate SAP BusinessObjects Access Control and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control. You can optimize reporting practices, consolidate segregation of duties issues, and troubleshoot any potential problems using these two applications. Key Concept Centralized control management enables the automation of your internal control and access control methodology. SAP BusinessObjects Access Control and SAP BusinessObjects…...…
  4. Banks Taking GRC More Seriously

    Reading time: 2 mins

    /GRC/Project ManagementAn SAP-sponsored study by the Economist Intelligence Unit has found that while many banks hesitate to implement enterprise-wide solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), more banks are including GRC initiatives as part of a strategic view of their financial processes. “A sober appraisal of banks’ efforts will reveal that cost considerations have limited…...…
  5. IFRS Adoption for US Companies: A Primer

    Reading time: 8 mins

    /GRCWorried about the impending US conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)? See some quick hints about things you should know and places you can look for information as the landscape changes. Key Concept International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a reporting standard that is being adopted worldwide, and likely impending for the United States…...…
  6. Define Risks and Functions with Risk Analysis and Remediation Rule Architect

    Reading time: 14 mins

    Discover the makeup and functionality of Rule Architect within SAP BusinessObjects Access Control Risk Analysis and Remediation. Key Concept Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR) is part of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control. This capability helps all key stakeholders work in a collaborative manner to achieve ongoing segregation of duties (SoD) and audit compliance at all levels…....…
  7. A Checklist for an SAP Solution Manager System Audit

    Reading time: 7 mins

    Manager/GRCSAP Solution Manager’s features make it a challenging candidate for a system audit and review. Use this matrix to establish your approach to auditing SAP Solution Manager. Key Concept Most SAP applications are easy to classify as either transactional or analytical applications, which makes them relatively simple to audit. However, SAP Solution Manager is not…...…
  8. Report Audit Tool Refines Data Security

    Reading time: 8 mins

    The log of report auditing tool, which is not widely used, can enhance employee personal data protection. See how to configure it in your system. Key Concept Report RPUPROTD (log of report) is a tool offered in standard SAP R/3 from 4.0B onwards, including SAP ERP. Log of report shows information about the name of…...…
  9. Enterprise Role Management — The Way to Compliant Role Design

    Reading time: 15 mins

    Enterprise Role Management helps streamline your role design process with a pre-defined, customizable design methodology that guides you through role definition, authorization maintenance, risk analysis, role approval, and role generation in your SAP back-end systems. It also ensures Sarbanes-Oxley compliance of your roles. Key Concept Enterprise Role Management is a capability of SAP BusinessObjects Access…...…
  10. Handle Foreign Currency Risk with Exposure Management

    Reading time: 18 mins

    /GRCAnalyze and properly maintain your exposures in SAP Exposure Management before transferring them to SAP Hedge Management. Key Concept Buying and selling goods or services in foreign currencies can expose an organization to foreign exchange rate risk. The risk arises due to unfavorable movements of exchange rates between the foreign currency and the local currency…....…