Financial Management

SAP remains integral to supporting core finance, accounting, planning and reporting processes. New market demands are requiring companies to improve efficiency and build resilient, responsive finance and accounting platforms that can support rapid change and innovation. Content in this topic area helps finance executives, analysts, and support professionals understand how to leverage core ECC solutions, SAP S/4HANA, and partner and SAP add-on offerings to optimize their core finance and accounting business processes and provide greater visibility and insights for finance teams. Content will cover a wide range of key topics from finance and accounting strategy, to evaluating SAP S/4HANA and Central Finance, to key solutions in Group Reporting, Planning, record-to-report, order to cash, and other core accounting processes.


  1. Don’t Let Uncertainty Derail Your Finance and Accounting Operations

    Reading time: 2 mins

  2. business partners

    An Introduction to SAP Joint Venture Accounting, Part I

    Reading time: 6 mins


  1. Delaware Consulting International

    Reading time: 6 mins

    A joint venture (JV) is an arrangement in which two or more parties come together and agree to pool their resources for a specific task. This task can be a new project or any other business activity. In a joint venture, each partner is responsible for profits, losses, and costs associated with the venture. Joint…
  2. Creating Org Charts Using R/3 and Microsoft Visio

    Reading time: 9 mins

    When her company decided to automate the process of creating company organizational charts, the author was in charge of finding a tool that integrated well with R/3. She found Microsoft Visio to be the best fit, but first, the company had to store its hierarchical relations in R/3. Like many companies, a company that I…...…
  3. Use the Primary Cost Component Split to Explain the Factors Behind Your Activity Rates

    Reading time: 17 mins

    You probably know that manufacturing costs are charged to production orders using an activity rate for the time worked. What you might not realize is that since Release 4.0, it has been possible to set up an alternative cost component split to view primary costs such as energy, wages, and depreciation. Without the split, these…...…
  4. Ask the FI/CO Expert: Know When to Ignore the Standard Settings for Purchase Order Tax Code Defaults

    Reading time: 9 mins

    The author explains why an FI support team might be having problems “defaulting” a 0 percent tax code when creating a purchase order. Key Concept     Dear FI/CO Expert, I recently joined my company’s SAP FI support team. We have been asked if it is possible to “default” a 0 percent tax code when…...…
  5. 7 Ways Payroll Implementations Go Wrong, and What You Can Do About It

    Reading time: 17 mins

    One of the most complex aspects of R/3’s HR module is Payroll. It’s also one of the least glamorous and most misunderstood pieces of the HR module. Getting the implementation done correctly is essential, and difficult. Steve Bogner, managing partner of Insight Consulting Partners, gives you his list of seven common mistakes and omissions that…...…
  6. The Surprising Relationship Between G/L “Relevant to Cash Flow” setting and A/R Standard Reports Showing Customer’s Last Payment

    Reading time: 6 mins

    A little-known relationship between a G/L setting and an A/R standard report can result in a frustrating mystery for end users, who can see two different results on two different occasions from doing what they probably perceive to be the same cash-application steps. This article clears up the confusion. Most businesses that use R/3 need…...…
  7. Ask the FI/CO Expert: Improve Your Cost Center Budgeting Speed with Automated Dependency Planning

    Reading time: 7 mins

    Tony Rogan responds to a reader who wants to partially automate CCA planning. The answer, he says, is dependency planning. Key Concept     Dear FI/CO Expert, Many of our planned costs are dependent on other costs or quantities. Next year we’re going to partially automate CCA planning. Could you tell me the best way…...…
  8. Property Taxes in the U.S. On Your Fixed Assets: Make Sure You’re Paying The Correct State

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Homeowners in the United States know all too well the bite of location-specific property taxes. However, that’s just financial pain. Accountants in companies with physical sites in multiple locations know the annual mental pain of compiling a list by state of the assets. Not just “property” assets such as land and buildings, but all fixed…...…
  9. Prepare Your R/3 System Now for the International Accounting Standards Deadline

    Reading time: 14 mins

    Impending deadlines for compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS) will require hard work on the part of many accountants and R/3 specialists. The problem posed by IAS is that, in most cases, two or more sets of figures have to be managed because of the differences among IAS, US GAAP, and national fiscal reporting…....…
  10. Make Your Custom Reports for Production Order Costs or WIP Easier to Write and Use by Understanding Where the Material’s Short Text Is Hiding

    Reading time: 6 mins

    It becomes a lot easier to evaluate R/3’s month-end production cost and WIP calculations as too high or too low when you can see the text description of the material that the production order is requesting. The author explains why the text column is sometimes blank. I got a panic-type phone call from an R/3…...…