Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics involves the management of both operational and analytical data, as well as the analysis of that data so that organizations can understand the performance of and improve their business processes and outcomes and make more effective decisions. With many organizations now looking to combine their operational data with data sourced from user experience, having processes and procedures in place to ensure that they are making the most effective use of that data is critical to timely decision making. Content in this area will cover tools that organizations can use to understand and manage their data as it is moved and stored across the enterprise, as well as the tools in use throughout the community to analyze that data. It will also provide guidance on technologies like AI and machine learning, robotic process automation, and how new technologies in these areas are being used to achieve business advantages for those who use them.


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    Four Questions to Help You Understand Embedded Analytics

    Reading time: 5 mins

  2. Case Study: Rumpke and the future of planning with SAP’s Analytics Cloud – Webinar

  3. Automate Your SAP Processes More Strategically

    Reading time: 2 mins


  1. Natuvion

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Analysts and business leaders agree that digital transformation is a top strategic priority in the coming years — and the investment dollars are following. The pressure to go faster is acute for organizations that run their business on SAP ERP systems. In the clamor to digitize, organizations must realize that different business processes require differentiated…
  2. Data Migration Services AG

    Data Migration International Group, based in Kreuzlingen, encompasses the sales and delivery capabilities of Data Migration Solutions AG. Its flagship product is the JiVS IMP platform which manages the entire lifecycle of corporate data independently of existing systems and applications. The  Information  Management  Platform enables customers to reduce operational costs by 80 percent and system…
  3. DataDimensions

    For more than 40 years, Data Dimensions has been an innovative leader in the area of business process automation (BPA) services. We provide innovative solutions to optimize workflows, delivering process efficiencies, improved quality, and reduced costs for our customers. We are… Driven by people, powered by technology® As one of the leading document management companies,…
  4. CSI tools bvba

    Successful companies are reinventing themselves every day and therefore constantly assessing their risk exposure by  finding inconsistencies in what people are allowed to do, can do, did and can almost do.   CSI tools provides dynamic analytics  solutions.  in the cloud and on-premise, that deliver intelligence from and to decisions taken in  access governance for…
  5. CXO Nexus

    To be the leading, most trusted, efficient and innovative source of enterprise data. We leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technology to transform data to insight. This empowers companies to accomplish their goals and drive to success.
  6. CyberTech

    CyberTech is a next-generation Professional Solutions and Services company with focus on Spatial analytics and SAP digital solutions. It globally offers services and solutions, enabling its customers to implement cutting-edge technologies to become more competitive and efficient. CyberTech is a trusted advisor for several global enterprises, helping them geo-enable and digitalize mission-critical SAP business processes…
  7. CoStar Group

    CoStar Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP) is the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics and online marketplaces. Founded in 1987, CoStar conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the largest and most comprehensive database of commercial real estate information. Our suite of online services enables clients to analyze, interpret and gain unmatched insight…
  8. Column 5

    Enterprise Performance Management [EPM]  has become a must-have for competitive organizations that seek to outperform their peers in the global marketplace. Extended Planning & Analysis [xP&A] builds on EPM principles to deliver the latest in AI-driven Analytics for enterprises that demand high returns from technology and business process investments. The evidence is clear in every…
  9. Collibra

    We accelerate trusted business outcomes by connecting the right data, insights, and algorithms for all Data Citizens. True Data Intelligence allows organizations to unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic, competitive asset.
  10. Clarity Solutions Group

    Clarity Insights is the largest independent US consulting company focused exclusively on data and analytics. Clarity insights works with Fortune 1000 companies to create business driving insights and turn them into action. The company works across the full “data stack” – strategy, data engineering and data science – and has a depth of experience in…