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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) at companies running SAP software have many key priorities they are juggling and multiple investment decisions to make. They often have competing projects, fluctuating budgets, and many options to choose from regarding their hardware and software landscapes. Content in this topic area helps CIOs and other key executive decision makers understand how to leverage SAP solutions – such as SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA – as well as partner and SAP add-on offerings to optimize their IT landscapes, business processes, and resources. Content will cover a wide range of key topics from making investment decisions in SAP strategy and technology to identifying best-fit team and organizational structures to understanding market trends and analysis.


  1. accenture

    Reading time: 13 mins

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  2. An Overview of Pods in SuccessFactors Performance Management

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Learn all about the pod feature of the SuccessFactors Performance Management module. Get details about what each does, how to enable them, permissions around them, and troubleshooting tips. Key Concept Pods in SuccessFactors Performance Management are small, square-shaped portlets that offer useful performance information to help managers navigate the performance appraisal process more efficiently and…...…
  3. SAP and SuccessFactors – An Overview

    Reading time: 72 mins

    In this exclusive in-depth report, learn about SuccessFactors and what the acquisition means for SAP ERP HCM and your business. Get a detailed, comprehensive overview of SuccessFactors, SAP’s strategy, the future of SAP ERP HCM, and how the acquisition of SuccessFactors affects your business. It aims to dispel any myths or confusion around SuccessFactors and…...…
  4. Spotlight: A Seasoned IT Executive Weighs in on Cloud Strategies, SAP System Security, and Disaster Recovery

    Reading time: 6 mins

    Rajeev Menon shares some of the knowledge he has gleaned about securing SAP systems, cloud computing, and disaster recovery design and implementation. Identifying the root cause of SAP performance problems is not always straightforward. Multiple SAP systems, federated databases, and increasingly complex business processes can make diagnosis considerably more challenging. It is important to analyze each…...…
  5. Steps to Defining the Right Mobile Strategy and Organization

    Reading time: 13 mins

    The world is changing rapidly with the onset of mobility and many companies want to take the jump into using what has the potential to be a very valuable technology. However, before acting, it is important to have all the resources needed, a complete strategy, and the ability to make informed decisions. This is a…...…
  6. Bilingual Incident and Change Request Management with SAP Solution Manager 7.1

    Reading time: 9 mins

    ManagerLearn some tips and tricks for bilingual support when configuring Incident Management and Change Request Management applications with Solution Manager 7.1. Key Concept Most SAP implementations use one language, but the SAP system supports many languages. Naturally the language of choice for most organizations is its country’s official language or, in large international organizations, English…....…
  7. An Overview of Business-Driven IT Management and Solution Manager

    Reading time: 12 mins

    Manager/Project ManagementDiscover business-driven IT management (BDIM), a way of demonstrating the relationship between IT actions and business value. Learn about how it differs from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and how you can use it in conjunction with Solution Manager to build better relationships between business and IT and get more out of your Solution…...…
  8. How to Use Structural Authorizations for Effective HR Strategy and Security

    Reading time: 20 mins

    Proper SAP ERP HCM security involves more than just assigning traditional security roles to user IDs. Learn the importance of creating an effective SAP HR security strategy and how structural authorizations and position-based security play a role in this strategy. Get recommendations for proper HR security strategy design and the steps for implementing structural authorizations…...…
  9. A Beginner’s Overview of CRM Analytics

    Reading time: 7 mins

    In this overview of CRM Analytics, learn the basics of what you need to know to select the best analytic options, see the different ways you can create interactive reports and real-time dashboards, and examine the architectural and data flow guidelines used to implement analytics. Key Concept CRM Analytics offers analysis that is focused on…...…
  10. SP05: Breakthroughs in Change Request Management

    Reading time: 11 mins

    ManagerLearn how Support Package 5 of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 advances the capabilities for managing changes to your IT landscape. Understand the enhancements delivered with SP05 that respond to demands for more flexibility when deploying Solution Manager for a central Change Request Management (ChaRM) platform. Understand how the latest capabilities of ChaRM in Solution Manager…...…