The Ever Changing Landscape Of Retail

The Ever Changing Landscape Of Retail

You thought the world of retail and eCommerce taxation was complicated before, but the landscape has gotten increasingly more complex for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are driven by consumer behavior and the way consumers want to shop, but there are other reasons such as legislative changes and the fact that jurisdictions want to recognize their revenue more quickly. Join this session to learn more about the recent legislative changes such as global tax on the digital economy, real-time reporting, and the Supreme Court ruling on S. Dakota v. Wayfair and their effects on organizations.  Attend to learn:

- About the new legislative changes that are affecting the tax landscape and creating larger tax risk and liability for both brick and mortar and eCommerce businesses
- What you should be doing now to prepare to become more responsive to these changes in order to minimize risk
- The challenges and opportunities amid these regulatory changes and the role technology plays in the global commerce landscape

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