Women in Tech - Looking Beyond Bias and Barriers

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    Women in Tech – Looking Beyond Bias and Barriers

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    Gender equality in the workplace remains a work in progress. While the tech industry has been a key driver of change, women remain underrepresented in the industry. Global statistics reveal that men continue to occupy the C-suite at a disproportionate rate in tech, and despite improvements at the Board level, the tech industry still lacks…
  2. Why We Keep Making the Same Mistakes: Systemic Issues and Cultural Challenges

    George Anderson explains several systemic issues behind why SAP project and support teams keep re-living the same mistakes year after year and then provides several measures and actionable next steps you can take to remedy the problem. Key Concept Several systemic issues help explain why our SAP organizations are often destined to repeat past mistakes…....…
  3. Create Versatile HR-Related Forms in HR Forms Workplace

    Design flexible, attractive HR-related forms through HR Forms Workplace. HR Forms Workplace is the central tool for creating HR-related forms through SAP Smart Forms or PDF Forms. Find out how to easily select HR-related data to create forms specific to your company without writing any extraction routines. Key Concept HR Forms Workplace (transaction HRFORMS) is…...…
  4. Building a Winning Culture For Data Analytics Excellence

    A Series on Data Excellence By Deepa Salem, Vice President and Research Director, SAPInsider “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – a quote commonly attributed to Peter Drucker, the management expert. This fact rings true today in the realm of enterprise data analytics strategy. Without a data culture that catalyzes the strategy and brings it to life, any…...…
  5. Fortune and Consulting Magazine Name Protiviti ‘Best Workplace in Consulting’ and ‘Best Firm to Work For’

    Protiviti has recently achieved accolades in two of the most prestigious lists for top consulting firms, Fortune and Consulting Magazine.
  6. 4 Strategies That You Need to Hire the Right SAP Talent

    This article will help you understand the different strategies needed to not only attract new, skilled talent, but ensure that they are satisfied with their role in the organization and remain a productive employee for a long time. We’ve seen tumultuous changes in trends in the job market over the last two years. The inclusion…
  7. Building a Culture of Feedback to Optimize Pulse Surveys

    Pulse surveys can provide valuable employee data, but to ensure they are successful your company needs to build a culture of feedback.
  8. Basis Technologies Named One of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023

    Basis Technologies, an organization dedicated to empowering enterprises with SAP solutions, has been honored with the prestigious ‘Best Workplace for Women’ certification by Great Place to Work UK.
  9. Agriculture Commodity Scheduling

    Agriculture commodities follow a complex supply chain and are influenced by global demand and inventory levels along with local weather, harvest conditions, and freight availability. The commodities are traded, hedged, stored, and speculated in most of the world. The commodity therefore transacts through multiple entities before it is ultimately consumed by processing units for end-customer…
  10. Tips for Quickly and Easily Creating Custom SAP ERP HCM Forms

    Learn some quick tips for creating custom payslip forms using SAP HR Forms Workplace. Key Concept SAP HR Forms Workplace delivers many standard HR Forms that are grouped by country and form class. It is a graphical design tool used to generate custom reports, forms, and payroll structures. The SAP HR Forms Workplace enables you…...…