IBM Practices What it Preaches in Supply Chain Transformation

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  1. IBM Watsonx, the Enterprise-Ready AI and Data Platform, Is Now Available

    IBM WatsonX, a platform designed for enterprise-level AI and data handling, is now available for AI developers to use in the creation, testing, fine-tuning, and deployment of both conventional machine learning and novel generative AI features, empowered by foundation models, via an accessible and user-friendly interface. AI creators can utilize pre-trained models from both IBM…

  2. IBM Unveils WatsonX, an Enterprise-Ready AI Platform

    IBM has introduced WatsonX, an AI and data platform designed for enterprise applications. The platform is comprised of the studio for foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning; the data store built on an open lakehouse architecture; and the watsonx.governance toolkit for transparent AI workflows. The platform enables businesses to leverage foundation models…

  3. IBM and SAP Come Together to the AI Table

    Businesses want to speed up their transformations by leveraging data to overhaul their operations. This helps them make informed decisions and boost agility, innovation, and efficiency. Many are also reassessing core processes tied to major systems like SAP. As these businesses delve into novel methods, such as AI, to tap into their transformative potential and…

  4. End-to-End Supply Chain

    IBM Practices What it Preaches in Supply Chain Transformation

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    Modern supply chain management systems extend beyond conventional logistics, impacting factors like product and service excellence, delivery efficiency, expenses, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, overall profitability. This evolution has spurred global supply chain leaders to reevaluate traditional methods, recognizing that clinging to outdated practices poses significant risks amidst disruptions. However, despite progress, many supply chain operations…

  5. Tech Giants Unite as IBM and SAP Forge New AI Solutions for CPG and Retail Sector

    IBM Collaborates with SAP To Develop New AI Solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Industries.