Staying Secure with Tokenization Solutions During the Cloud Migration Journey

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  1. Thales Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver AI-Powered Security Capabilities

    Data security is a key focus for all SAP organizations, yet fewer than one-quarter of organizations knew precisely where all of their data was stored. Data can be scattered across multiple databases and files. This is only complicated by the fact that many organizations have hybrid deployments between on-premise and cloud systems. This not only…
  2. Security For Your SAP Future

    The number one factor impacting decisions around security for SAP systems is the need to protect access to the sensitive and confidential data in those systems. Attacks are becoming more common, particularly for organizations located in APJ,  and some of the challenges that were identified by respondents to recent SAPinsider research were detecting those threats…...…
  3. How Equipping Yourself with Risk Mitigation Knowledge Can Help Secure Your Assets

    In the world of expanding data, the mitigation and understanding of threats and risks are crucial for any business’s success. This is especially the case for SAP users currently undergoing a digital transformation. Knowing how to prevent data breaches, establish and maintain compliance audits and classify data is key to maintaining a healthy and secure…
  4. Encryption Solutions are Protecting Fragile Data in Age of Cloud

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    In the age of high-tech innovations and solutions aiding businesses and upgrading clients’ systems, securing sensitive data should be at the top of a SAP users’ priorities.
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    Staying Secure with Tokenization Solutions During the Cloud Migration Journey

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    When undergoing the digital transformation, businesses should equip their cloud with tools that would protect sensitive data.
  6. Impact20: Security and Compliance For Your SAP Applications

    Applications are attractive targets for hackers and privileged insiders because they handle some of an organization’s most sensitive data. SAP’s applications are no different as organizations rely on them for some their most sensitive data. Additionally, because of the data they handle, these same applications are often subject to compliance obligations drive by either industry…
  7. Video: Securing Your SAP Future

    The threat landscape for SAP systems continues to change. Over the last year ransomware attacks have become much more prominent, but threats like credentials compromise, unpatched systems, and weak access controls remain challenges for organizations that want to protect critical data. However, one of the most important factors for organizations is having the right tools…