Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR)

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  1. 7 Steps for Handling Foreign Taxes through a Single Company Code

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Configure foreign taxes in your SAP system by setting up the foreign country as a region within your home country. Key Concept In the standard SAP system, the only tax procedure that you use in a specific company code is the one that is attached to the country associated with that company code. It may…...…
  2. Property Taxes in the U.S. On Your Fixed Assets: Make Sure You’re Paying The Correct State

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Homeowners in the United States know all too well the bite of location-specific property taxes. However, that’s just financial pain. Accountants in companies with physical sites in multiple locations know the annual mental pain of compiling a list by state of the assets. Not just “property” assets such as land and buildings, but all fixed…...…
  3. How to Use Gross-Ups in SAP US Payroll

    Reading time: 123 mins

    In certain cases, such as for prizes and expatriate pay, a company wants to pay taxes for employees so that they take home the right amount in net pay. Using examples, the author explains the technicalities of the gross-up process, which starts with net pay and works backward to the gross amount. Many companies use…...…
  4. Maximize the New Functionality of Program RFUMSV25 to Reverse Charge Taxes

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Learn about the new functionality of report RFUMSV25 and the prerequisite configuration steps to complete in order for the new functionality to work correctly. New in RFUMSV25 is that it now also can transfer a deferred acquisition tax and a reverse charge tax to their destination tax codes. Key Concept Value-added tax (VAT) is a…...…
  5. Steering Global Transactions through Taxes, Fees, and Audit Responses

    Increasing tax regulations and the urgency to reduce costs are constant struggles that every corporation faces — and the tax department and global trade functions can feel this firsthand. With so much at stake, senior leadership may now demand a greater level of visibility into their worldwide tax operations. In this session, we’ll explore how…
  6. Detect the Effect of a Change in US Tax Models on Payroll — Before You Do It

    Reading time: 35 mins

    US users of SAP payroll periodically need to maintain their tax model configuration. A small change made in a tax model to correct a taxing situation may inadvertently alter the taxing for other situations. Ensure that mistakes don’t sneak into your SAP payroll. Key Concept Tax laws in the United States are quite complex. SAP…...…
  7. All About SAP CRM Tax Configuration

    Reading time: 17 mins

    Understand how to configure SAP CRM tax settings and integrate them with SAP ERP Central Component, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and sales and distribution settings. Key Concept In sales or service processing, the determination of taxes plays a vital role. In the majority of the cases in which an SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC)…...…
  8. An Overview of Canadian Payroll in SAP ERP HCM

    Reading time: 31 mins

    Learn how various statutory contributions and deductions for Canadian payroll can be configured in the SAP ERP HCM payroll system. Key Concept Various technical wage types, cumulating classes, and data from tables are used in the calculation of statutory contributions and deductions for Canadian payroll in an SAP payroll system. These calculations often can be…...…
  9. The Changing Tax Landscape: Can Your Technology Handle It?

    Reading time: 30 mins

    An exclusive Q&A with Central Finance Bootcamp speaker David Dixon. This content is available to (General or Premium) members. Sign in or Join for free! Sign In Become a Member
  10. New G/L Posting Program in SAP ERP 6.0 Requires Attention During Upgrades

    Reading time: 11 mins

    Evaluate the differences between the old G/L posting program and the new program available in SAP ERP 6.0. See how third-party posting processes affect your decision to switch processes and prepare your organization for various business scenarios. Key Concept Program RPCIPE00 is a new Financial Accounting (FI) posting method in SAP ERP 6.0. The old…...…