5 Key Drivers Shaping SAP Estates in 2024 and Beyond

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  1. Growing Skills Gap Emphasizing Importance of Training and Retention

    Companies are dealing with a growing skills gap. What are the top organizations doing to address that challenge?
  2. Are Your Skills Up to Date for the Age of SAP HANA?

    /HANASAP’s recent innovations, including SAP HANA, are likely to cause a skills gap in the SAP community going forward. Experts trained on classical ERP or analytics systems don’t necessarily have the right skills for the future. Get a first-hand look at some of the new skills that you need to successfully embrace the change. Learn…...…
  3. Digging Deeper on Skills Data to Identify Employee Strengths

    Companies can add more context to their skills data and go beyond just an employee’s job description to identify important skillsets.
  4. Effectively Manage the Talent Life Cycle with SAP ERP HCM: Part 2

    Learn about the design of jobs in SAP ERP HCM and the importance of considering your qualifications needs in this design process. Find out more about the use of job and employee profiles in SAP and how they function within the talent management life cycle. Key Concept By relating qualifications to jobs, positions, and persons,…...…
  5. Making Skills a Key Component of Your HR Strategy

    Skills are an essential part of HR strategy, but what if they become the central component of HR strategy? Find out how companies are building skills-focused strategies and why that is impactful.
  6. 2023 HR Meta-Trends by SAP SuccessFactors

    In an on-demand session at the virtual SAP Sapphire event, The Growth and Insights team for SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions presented their recent research on the evolution of top HR meta-trends and the changing priorities. The session also included SAP SuccessFactors's perspective on the findings. Conducted through an analysis using 73 sources from the business press,…
  7. The Rise of Integration as a Strategic Imperative

    A successful business case for integration hinges on a company’s ability to start viewing it as a strategic imperative at the heart of digital transformation, which will not just save costs but generate revenue. This article uncovers what is driving the increased focus on integration today. It also shares and details some guiding principles SAP…
  8. 2024 Trends Every SAP Customer Needs To Be Ready for

    2024 is ushering in a unique climate of business and technological change. New features and functionality are being introduced at a breakneck pace as IT and business leaders continue to grapple with evolving market conditions and volatile geo-political climates.
  9. Effectively Manage the Talent Life Cycle with SAP HCM

    See how to support these key talent management processes using SAP HCM: recruitment, development, training, rewarding, and retaining. Key Concept The talent is every employee in an organization: the people who invent, create, design, manufacture, service, support, and otherwise perform tasks required to meet company goals and drive success in the market in which they…...…
  10. How to Ensure a Successful SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 Upgrade

    In this Q&A session, experts from SAP provided answers to questions about all aspects of upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2, including the planning and technical considerations you’ll need to make before the move. They also addressed key new migration processes designed to save your organization time and effort when making this change. If you…...…