Synergizing Data Science and Software Engineering Teams

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  1. A Guide to SAP’s Development Environments for SAP HANA and the Cloud

    Reading time: 17 mins

    Read this in-depth column for a comprehensive understanding of SAP’s current main tooling environments for supporting SAP HANA and the cloud, including both desktop- and browser-based environments. You will gain a set of guidelines for determining when to use which platforms and what tools are best suited to your particular development project needs. This content…
  2. How to Select the Right Mobile Solution Architecture for Your Use Case

    Reading time: 24 mins

    Understand the main mobility architecture paradigms currently supported by the Sybase Unwired Platform, and the advantages and drawbacks of each. Get a high-level view of the architecture and basic steps for implementing each. Key Concept A mobile business object is a method of encapsulating business data so that it can be used across multiple kinds…...…
  3. SAP and SuccessFactors – An Overview

    Reading time: 70 mins

    In this exclusive in-depth report, learn about SuccessFactors and what the acquisition means for SAP ERP HCM and your business. Get a detailed, comprehensive overview of SuccessFactors, SAP’s strategy, the future of SAP ERP HCM, and how the acquisition of SuccessFactors affects your business. It aims to dispel any myths or confusion around SuccessFactors and…...…
  4. Composite Designer and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management Minimize Composite Application Development Efforts

    Reading time: 27 mins

    With the introduction of the Composite Designer as part of SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1, a composite is treated as one entity for the first time. Learn how to work with the Composite Designer as your central cockpit for developing composite applications. See how to start with a skeleton of…...…
  5. Best Practices for Planning, Testing, and Deploying Changes in a Mature SAP ERP Landscape

    Reading time: 15 mins

    /Project ManagementMike Moore, an SAP technical solution architect, explains the benefits of using an N+1 landscape model when making project and production support changes, including avoiding long production support freezes. He shows how to implement it, drawing on lessons learned during deployment. Key Concept The SAP N+1 landscape provides a solution for lowering the risk…...…
  6. ABAP Development in the Cloud

    Reading time: 29 mins

    Thank you for registering to read the discussion transcript on taking advantage of the newest ABAP innovations, enterprise-grade SAP Cloud Platform business and application services, and the power of the SAP HANA business data platform to build breakthrough business applications in the cloud. Please find the transcript below. Matthew Shea: Hello, and welcome to our…...…
  7. Integrate Adobe Flex into Your Web Application Development Environment to Increase Web Services Consumption

    Reading time: 17 mins

    Learn how Adobe Flex fits into the SAP development environment and how to use this partnership to create robust applications. Learn how to drill down into a Web service to explore its details in order to apply suitable Web service consumption and development strategies for your application. Key Concept An enterprise service is typically a…...…
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    A New Development Platform for Native SAP HANA Applications

    Reading time: 16 mins

    Developers have several options for developing applications and business content on SAP HANA, such as the ABAP 7.5 stack and the analytics applications supported by SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA. But if you’re looking to move beyond dashboard scenarios and don’t want to base that development on SAP NetWeaver stacks, your…
  9. 21 Tips for Managing a Multi-Project BW Implementation

    Reading time: 12 mins

    /Project ManagementAt some point, your BW project team may be faced with several implementation projects occurring at the same time. Because of the highly shared nature of objects in the BW architecture, this scenario can cause significant problems for the project management team. The authors share their expertise in coping with such situations and offer…...…
  10. Take Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud

    Take Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud

    Reading time: 18 mins

    As of September 2018, SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment is here. This new cloud-based ABAP development and runtime environment combines the latest features of ABAP and SAP HANA with the innovations available with SAP Cloud Platform, such as SAP Leonardo, and the benefits of a cloud-based deployment. This article helps prepare you for this new…