How to Build a Strong Security and Compliance Foundation for Your SAP Landscape

Ensure a Secure Environment Using SAP Solutions and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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  1. Understanding the SAP Payroll Reversal Process

    Reading time: 17 mins

    Understand and use the standard SAP process for payroll reversal by using the off-cycle workbench. Learn the required steps for when a payment is issued in SAP payroll to an employee that should not have been issued. Learn the details and identify all the options when you need to reverse a check, based on where…...…
  2. Use Alternative Valuation Runs in the Material Ledger to Smooth Seasonal Price Variances

    Reading time: 22 mins

    The classic costing run builds a quantity structure that takes account of all goods movements and invoices in the period to determine a periodic unit price for each material. If the raw material prices are subject to seasonal fluctuations or the activity prices vary substantially, then the inventory valuation for each period may be considered…...…
  3. Know Every Aspect of the ABAP Test Cockpit: Part I

    Reading time: 23 mins

    Learn the steps for configuring the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Test Cockpit to ensure that your SAP system’s ABAP programs remain clean and adhere to the best programming practices. Key Concept The SAP NetWeaver ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) verifies the quality of ABAP objects in multiple areas and assigns priorities to these different categories of checks…...…
  4. Know Every Aspect of the ABAP Test Cockpit: Part 1

    Reading time: 23 mins

    Learn the steps for configuring the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Test Cockpit to ensure that your SAP system’s ABAP programs remain clean and adhere to the best programming practices. This content is available to (General or Premium) members. Sign in or Join for free! Sign In Become a Member
  5. Run Setup Jobs in Parallel and Minimize Production Downtime When Using the Logistics Extraction Cockpit

    Reading time: 24 mins

    Running a setup job through the Logistics Extraction Cockpit requires that you to turn off your logistics application. It is therefore important that the job run as quickly as possible. The fastest way to complete the setup job is to break it up into parts and run those parts in parallel. The authors show how…...…
  6. How to Plan and Manage a Successful Payroll Parallel Run

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Parallel runs are often the most demanding phase of any HR and payroll implementation. Yet little formal advice is available and most users seem to learn through experience only. This general overview of the process shows that detailed planning, setting expectations, and good communication are the keys to a successful parallel run. Key Concept A…...…
  7. Effective Data Management Strategies for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Learn how you can enhance the performance of posting SAP Payroll results to accounting by optimally managing and controlling the size of tables PPOPX and PPOIX in SAP ERP HCM 6.0. Following the successful execution of a payroll run, one of the subsequent activities that must be performed is posting payroll results to Financial Accounting…...…
  8. Troubleshooting Payroll Problems

    Reading time: 28 mins

    Payroll implementations often face challenges with operational and other run-time issues. Payroll users chase paycheck deadlines on a weekly basis while trying to avoid errors. Learn how to analyze and solve these issues while developing a maintenance strategy. Key Concept When payroll cycles are managed within SAP ERP HCM, preventive maintenance or pre-payroll controls are…...…
  9. Improve Background Process Design with Process Chain Scheduling

    Reading time: 27 mins

    The true value of any new algorithm or process implementation can be derived only when the batch process in which these functionalities are executed has been optimally designed. Learn the fundamentals of process chain scheduling and then walk through eight scenarios in which you can implement such scheduling using sample utilities to improve your process…...…
  10. football

    Riddell Adopts SaaS-Based Automation to Run Its Programs with Ease

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Keeping up with demand is essential to any business. For Riddell — which designs, develops, and markets innovative sports equipment, smart helmet technology, team apparel, and accessories — it is a massive undertaking to manufacture and distribute equipment to its customers, which include the National Football League (NFL)in the U.S. In this article, you will…