Edge Intelligence: Transforming Industries with Intel & SAP’s AI Technologies

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  1. Edge Intelligence: Transforming Industries with Intel & SAP’s AI Technologies

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    Despite the advantages, adopting AI-enabled edge computing poses challenges such as developing high ROI solutions for specific industries, handling diverse hardware and software requirements, and managing large data volumes with minimal latency. Additionally, the complexity of managing numerous distributed edge devices and applications at scale demands advanced networking and AI analytics. Hybrid AI models, combining…

  2. Heidelberg University Hospital Partners with SAP to Improve the Health and Well-Being of Underprivileged Patients

    Every year, 500,000 women worldwide are newly diagnosed with cervical cancer.  To help prevent this disease, Heidelberg University Hospital developed a project using a biomarker that would help determine if a woman infected with HPV was at risk for developing cancer, enabling early, life-saving treatment for that woman. But reaching women in developing countries to…

  3. From Spreadsheet to Streamlined Planning; Discovering the Requirements for a Smarter Supply Chain

    Agilent Technologies produces analytical instruments, software, and consumables for use in life sciences and other laboratories. The company has grown dramatically in recent years, both in new and existing geographies. In addition to organic growth, Agilent has acquired a number of companies to add capabilities to its analytical portfolio.

  4. Enterprise-Class Demand Planning at Agilent Technologies

    For Agilent Technologies, a manufacturer of analytical instruments for the life science and laboratories sector, growth has been dramatic over recent years, including a number of acquisitions. Such growth has caused the company’s pathology division to experience a rapid expansion of sales, but also revealed that the division had outgrown its demand planning practices, which…