KPMG and Microsoft Partner to Enhance Professional Services with AI

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  1. SAP and OpenAI Collaboration: Unveiling the Future of AI Integration at SAPPHIRE 2023

    Keynote In the enterprise technology sector, speculation and anticipation have been steadily building around SAP’s collaboration with OpenAI. This followed a recent first-quarter earnings call where Christian Klein, SAP CEO, suggested a strategic shift toward artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs), including ChatGPT. At SAPPHIRE 2023, SAP elaborated on this strategic focus, shedding…
  2. Microsoft and SAP SE Present New Solutions for Business Challenges

    SAP SE has announced the next step in its partnership with Microsoft, using generative AI to help solve customers’ business challenges.
  3. SAP Partner Celigo Launches Suite of Embedded AI Capabilities

    SAP partner Celigo has launched Celigo AI, a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities designed to enhance end-user efficiency and more.
  4. KPMG and Microsoft Partner to Enhance Professional Services with AI

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    KPMG and Microsoft announced they are expanding their longstanding partnership with a multibillion-dollar commitment in Microsoft’s Cloud and AI offerings over the next five years. KPMG said the partnership will provide a growth opportunity of more than $12 billion. As one of the world’s largest professional services providers, KPMG’s plan to infuse AI into many…
  5. AI Hype: Learn How your Business Can Surf this Wave Successfully

    Click Here to View Session Deck. In this session, you will hear from Intel experts why Large Language Models like Microsoft OpenAI have become such industry hype, and how you can benefit from the constant innovation with Intel Solutions, ranging from hardware products to software and solutions. You will: Learn about Large Language Models. Learn…...…
  6. Why You Can’t Remove Humans from AI Training Loops

    Although generating high-quality, realistic synthetic data for machine learning training applications has become easier, it will never replace human-annotated training data collected in the real world. Find out why humans are still needed. This content is for SAPinsider Preferred Access Yearly, SAPinsider Preferred Access Monthly, SAPinsider Premium Access , and SAPinsider Student Access members only.Log…
  7. Microsoft and Moody’s Develop Enhanced Solutions Powered by Generative AI

    Moody’s Corporation and Microsoft have announced a partnership to utilize generative AI in order to deliver next-generation data, analytics, research, collaboration and risk solutions for the financial services industry and global knowledge workers.
  8. Rubrik and Microsoft Collaborate to Enhance Cyber Resilience with AI-Powered Security Solutions

    Rubrik has announced a joint collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure OpenAI Service.
  9. Optimization of RISE with SAP and Microsoft Azure

    As organizations begin their journeys to the cloud and SAP S/4HANA, many will rely on RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure. Each of these companies will have different requirements and priorities that can only be met by taking a customized approach to deployment and maintenance. In this article, SAPinsider expert Ram Ranganathan highlights some of…
  10. Tipalti Announces Enhanced AI Capabilities

    Recently, global payables leader Tipalti announced a new partnership with OpenAI to further drive productivity and efficiency within its payables automation platform. Tipalti will incorporate the functionality of the GPT-4 platform to allow users to more quickly contextualize data points to improve accuracy and reduce manual coding requirements. The new capabilities from OpenAI can also…