Splunk Unveils Product Innovations - Splunk Attack Analyzer, OpenTelemetry Collector, and Unified Identity

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    Splunk AI-powers its Offerings for Security and Observability Platform

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Splunk Inc., a leader in cybersecurity and observability, has announced Splunk AI, a suite of new AI-powered offerings to advance its unified security and observability platform. Splunk AI integrates automation and human-in-the-loop interactions, allowing businesses to expedite detection, inquiry, and response while maintaining control over AI’s application to their data. It offers assistive experiences and…
  2. Full-Stack Observability (FSO) for SAP Landscapes

    Click Here to View Session Deck. Ever wondered how other companies undergoing digital transformation have successfully optimized their SAP environments? In this session we want to take you on the journey of Full-Stack Observability based on a real-world customer story. As digital transformation is taking place at historic levels, and with the predominant use of…...…
  3. Using Observability to De-risk Moving to SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud

    This webinar will discuss how to better navigate the S/4HANA migration roadmap, exploring the three pillars of performance, data, and cost and their impact on business and user experience.
  4. Increase SAP Resilience and Unlock Innovation with the only SAP Certified Security, Business Monitoring and Observability Platform

    Explore how customers have successfully consolidated their SAP landscape, achieving cost reduction and driving revenue growth through streamlined observability, security, compliance, integrations, and business operations monitoring and alerting.
  5. At Your Service: SAP Rolls Out Cloud ALM SaaS Extension

    SAP Cloud ALM is extending its capabilities to centrally operate SaaS applications and custom extensions built and operated on SAP BTP.
  6. Splunk Unveils Product Innovations – Splunk Attack Analyzer, OpenTelemetry Collector, and Unified Identity

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Splunk, a leader in cybersecurity and observability leader, has introduced new product innovations to its unified security and observability platform. The enhancements cover the full range of Splunk’s offerings, equipping SecOps, ITOps, and engineering teams with consolidated interfaces and processes that facilitate prompt, precise, and large-scale detection, investigation, and response to threats. When combined with…
  7. Viewing SAP Operations Through a Single Pane of Glass with Splunk

    In a joint venture between SoftwareONE and Splunk, there is a solution for SAP customers to have end-to-end visibility in their entire IT landscape via a mechanism that correlates SAP and non-SAP data from disparate systems. The framework is provided by Splunk as part of its observability solution portfolio. Monitoring data for systems, applications and…
  8. Proactively Monitor SAP Systems in the Cloud

    Many are embarking on SAP cloud migrations or upgrade projects. While this move to the cloud reaps many benefits such as cost-savings, flexibility, reliability, high availability and data access improvements, it also enables more diverse and flexible landscapes than ever. Jointly created by SoftwareONE and Splunk, SAP gives customers a platform that can correlate SAP…
  9. Technology Governing Technology

    To understand the connection between tech environments and their business impacts, organizations are tasked with correlating logs, metrics, and events from multiple business-critical applications across hybrid infrastructures. Without the correct tools to correlate multiple data sources, organizations can’t prioritize response actions, resulting in risks to both operational effectiveness and security. Splunk and PowerConnect provide comprehensive…
  10. Making Confident Decisions Based on Trusted Data with Precisely

    The Precisely Data Integrity Suite offers a comprehensive collection of seven interoperable services, designed to ensure businesses can rely on their data for utmost accuracy, consistency, and context. This suite stands out with its unique blend of sophisticated software capabilities and extensive enrichment data. Its integrated, interoperable design means businesses can selectively deploy the SaaS…