Vitesco's Electric Transformation With SAP Cloud

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    Vitesco’s Electric Transformation With SAP Cloud

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    Transformation is everywhere, from the move to cloud, to AI augmentation, the changing nature of the hybrid workforce, and the development of Industry 4.0. Infused in all this change is a growing push towards better sustainability, on both the enterprise and customer-facing level. One major tenet behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution is an automation of…

  2. Innovation & Technology Services

    Turn rough ideas into tangible outcomes: With us by your side as an innovation and technology partner, your business is empowered to rapidly innovate in the way that suits it best.

  3. Future-proofing Your Business with Avvale

    Cloud-based ERP systems offer significant advantages over traditional ERP systems by providing flexibility, scalability, and broad user access, which are essential for supporting growth. These systems integrate various business processes on a single platform, improving communication and data flow across departments. This integration fosters better coordination and informed decision-making while ensuring seamless data exchange with…

  4. Case Study: RISE with SAP – Innovating and Transforming Business

    Click Here to View the Session Deck Every organization intends to be on the forefront of innovation and desires to be early adopters of new technologies to impact business outcomes. What makes their transformation journey unique? With buzzwords like AI, Metaverse, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Sustainability thrown around, join this fireside chat with Capgemini, Microsoft and…...…

  5. 2023 HR Meta-Trends by SAP SuccessFactors

    In an on-demand session at the virtual SAP Sapphire event, The Growth and Insights team for SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions presented their recent research on the evolution of top HR meta-trends and the changing priorities. The session also included SAP SuccessFactors's perspective on the findings. Conducted through an analysis using 73 sources from the business press,…