Gill Capital Innovates New AI-driven Applications with Fivetran's SAP Data Replication

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  1. Gill Capital Innovates New AI-driven Applications with Fivetran’s SAP Data Replication

    Reading time: 3 mins

    Gill Capital, a Southeast Asian retailer managing well-known brands, aimed to consolidate data from its vast portfolio to better monitor sales and supply chain operations. The company faced challenges with data extraction from SAP, an inflexible ERP system critical for managing promotions, pricing, and inventory. The extraction process was laborious and error-prone, relying on manual…

  2. Hexaware Streamlines eCommerce for a Leading Furnishings Manufacturer

    Faced with adversity resulting from the unprecedented global pandemic, our client, one of the largest global workplace furnishings manufacturers, found themselves in need of quick business transformation to meet changing consumer demands.