Edge Intelligence: Transforming Industries with Intel & SAP’s AI Technologies

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  1. Intel to Power SAP Landscapes with Intel Xeon Data Center CPUs

    SAP landscapes have historically been crucial for business operations, focusing on the “core-to-memory ratio” for SAP HANA, which has significantly improved over time. The increasing demand for data optimization and AI integration is transforming traditional SAP landscapes, driving the need for innovative computing profiles and efficient energy use. Intel’s Data Center CPUs are adapting to…

  2. From Cloud to Gem: Powering Hybrid SAP with Dell PowerEdge servers on Intel Sapphire Rapids

    Discover the key to seamless SAP modernization with Dell PowerEdge 16G servers powered by Intel Sapphire Rapids processors. Learn why hybrid deployments, alongside on-premises hosting, are essential for data control and performance. Enhance your infrastructure with unmatched performance, scalability, and cost efficiency for your SAP workloadsAs organizations across various industries assess their cybersecurity frameworks, they…

  3. Edge Intelligence: Transforming Industries with Intel & SAP’s AI Technologies

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Despite the advantages, adopting AI-enabled edge computing poses challenges such as developing high ROI solutions for specific industries, handling diverse hardware and software requirements, and managing large data volumes with minimal latency. Additionally, the complexity of managing numerous distributed edge devices and applications at scale demands advanced networking and AI analytics. Hybrid AI models, combining…

  4. Staying Competitive Through High-Powered SAP Collaborations

    Intel and Google Cloud create seamless environment to run business-critical SAP workloads with minimal disruption, fortified by low-latency networking and AI security.

  5. Use Real-Time Hierarchies to Map Transactions to the Proper Groups

    Reading time: 45 mins

    Create BW hierarchies to track products sourced from merging suppliers, and avoid the inaccuracies that can result when your supply partners buy (or are bought by) other firms. With an example based on a fictitious international company, the author demonstrates how to assign purchase orders correctly via a real-time hierarchy with user exits or BAdIs....…

  6. Intel + SAP Alliance: Creating the Resilient and Intelligent Enterprise with Industry-Leading Solutions

    Together, Intel and SAP are helping businesses increase agility and flexibility while making better, more informed decisions. See a brighter tomorrow with massive computing advancements.

  7. The Power of Choice: SAP and Intel Address Diverse Customer Needs

    SAP & Intel announced in May 2023 the intensification of a decade long strategic collaboration to deliver more powerful and sustainable SAP Software landscapes.

  8. Intel and SAP Enable Cloud Migration and Advantages

    Intel and SAP bring you faster access to more data in the cloud with SAP HANA instances optimized on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ persistent memory technology. Businesses are migrating to the cloud, enabling operational automation, on-demand elasticity, security, and compliance capabilities.

  9. Intel + SAP Partnership

    SAP HANA and HANA-based applications, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory technology are helping organizations realize the promise of a modern business technology platform. Intel and SAP are turbocharging the next wave of breakthrough innovations with the power of in-memory computing and persistent memory technologies that help unleash the potential of data.

  10. Streamline Communications During a Period-End Closing via Email Notifications in the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

    Learn how to enable email notifications in the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit for various scenarios, including release of a task list to have an integrated approach in period-end closing. If this approach is not implemented, then persistent communication gaps may occur during period-end closing, resulting in delays, confusion, and redundancy in task processing. Key Concept...…