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  1. Intelligent Supply Chain Management with SAP Cloud Platform

    Reading time: 20 mins

    Learn how to optimize your supply chain management process using cloud services from SAP Cloud Platform. The scenario used in this article identifies the inconsistent data readings at run time and forecasts failures. It also describes how SAP Cloud Platform proactively generates a purchase order if required. With the help of SAP Cloud Platform, you…...…
  2. ABAP Development in the Cloud

    Reading time: 29 mins

    Thank you for registering to read the discussion transcript on taking advantage of the newest ABAP innovations, enterprise-grade SAP Cloud Platform business and application services, and the power of the SAP HANA business data platform to build breakthrough business applications in the cloud. Please find the transcript below. Matthew Shea: Hello, and welcome to our…...…
  3. Take Your Mobile SAP Systems Further with Sybase Unwired Platform

    Reading time: 26 mins

    Discover Sybase Unwired Platform, a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), and how you can use it to mobilize your systems. SAP provides this platform with the co-innovation architecture of SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1. This is the first time that SAP has supported the mobilization of all major mobile device types with a single technology. Key…...…
  4. Q&A on SAP BI 4.2: What’s Happening with SAP’s BI Products, and What Does It Mean for You?

    Reading time: 77 mins

    During this live Q&A session, Jayne, Ty Miller, Olivier Duvelleroy, and several other key product leaders from the BI product groups at SAP, including SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP Lumira, SAP Design Studio, SAP Analysis for Office, and SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, gathered to answer readers’ questions on the road ahead for SAP’s BI products,…...…
  5. Future-Proof Your Integration Strategy with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

    Technical Guide: Transitioning to SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

    Reading time: 15 mins

    Seamless integration across applications and systems — whether they are SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, cloud, or hyperscaler systems — enable organizations to digitalize their end-to-end processes and make the enterprise more connected and intelligent. Forward-thinking organizations are taking a holistic and strategic approach to their enterprise integration initiatives as they pursue digital transformation, embracing the agility…
  6. Configure a Custom Identity Provider with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

    Reading time: 12 mins

    See how to configure SAP HANA Cloud Platform to switch from the standard identity provider (IDP) or SAP ID Service to instead authenticate users using your own custom identity provider. Learn how to configure a local IDP that you can create on the fly within Eclipse. You can create temporary users within Eclipse so that…...…
  7. Introducing ABAP Platform 1809

    Introducing ABAP Platform 1809

    Reading time: 18 mins

    While the cloud has been receiving the lion’s share of attention, a significant number of on-premise ABAP-based systems are running productively in SAP customer landscapes. To support these customers, SAP has released ABAP platform 1809, which serves as the technical foundation for SAP S/4HANA 1809. ABAP platform 1809 delivers a wide range of valuable improvements…
  8. Take Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud

    Take Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud

    Reading time: 18 mins

    As of September 2018, SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment is here. This new cloud-based ABAP development and runtime environment combines the latest features of ABAP and SAP HANA with the innovations available with SAP Cloud Platform, such as SAP Leonardo, and the benefits of a cloud-based deployment. This article helps prepare you for this new…
  9. How to Use and Configure Platform Search in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

    Reading time: 9 mins

    Adam Getz shows how to enhance end users’ ability to find documents and content located within the BusinessObjects systems by using Platform Search. Platform Search is a navigation function that allows end users to rapidly conduct searches based on the text they enter. Key Concept Drawers within BI Launch Pad are containers within the Documents…...…
  10. Optimizing BI Administration in SAP Environments: Q&A on How to Properly Maintain and Secure Complex, Shared Landscapes

    Reading time: 42 mins

    Business intelligence (BI) is the lifeblood of data-driven organizations, enabling you to turn the data in your SAP systems into actionable information that drives better decision making, uncovers opportunity, and improves efficiency. The modern BI landscape is an increasingly complex one, however, with trends such as big data, the cloud, and the Internet of Things…...…