Merz Aesthetics innovates contracts with ICI to streamline processes

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  1. Icertis SAP AI

    Icertis and SAP Expand Contract Intelligence with New SAP S/4HANA Integration for Procurement

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    Icertis has announced a new integration that connects AI-driven contract intelligence with SAP S/4HANA to enable more profitable and compliant procurement operations.

  2. Connected Contract Intelligence for the Intelligent Enterprise: Unlocking Value with SAP and Icertis

    Discover how the Icertis-SAP partnership is reshaping contract management in our practical webinar. Learn to streamline contract processes, integrate tech landscapes seamlessly, leverage AI for efficiency, and gain valuable insights. Optimize your operations and drive sustainable growth with us.

  3. Discussing Contract Intelligence with icertis

    Contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions have been around for a while now. These solutions leverage technology to help manage, automate, and organize the contract process through all stages of contract lifecycle, like contract initiation, development, negotiation, compliance, and contract renewal. These solutions not only streamline the process by standardizing the process steps, like core templates,…

  4. Transform Together: Innovation Generation

    All About Innovation See firsthand how we are revolutionizing how contracts drive business outcomes through generative AI, enterprise integrations, and other capabilities. You’ll also get deep insights into how your peers are using Icertis Contract Intelligence to maximize the value of their commercial relationships. It’s all designed to ensure you come away feeling energized to…...…

  5. Merz Aesthetics innovates contracts with ICI to streamline processes

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    Having experienced rapid growth in its CLM the company’s system was struggling to keep up. With contract’s being integral to Merz’s business model, supporting enterprise processes ranging from direct and indirect sourcing, engaging outside experts and executing sales agreements.

  6. Leveraging Contract Management with SAP-integrated Intelligent Platforms

    SAP users understand the struggle of processing expanding data in legacy systems. Especially in the case of contract management for large organizations: growing networks is vital for businesses to thrive and extracting and centralizing contract data may not be an easy task in traditional enterprise platforms. To help address this issue, many companies turn to…

  7. Contract Intelligence as a Competitive Differentiator

    As technology around us has evolved exponentially, so have solutions that help organizations leverage technology as an enabler. One such category of solutions is contract lifecycle management solutions. Since the early days of manually drafting contracts that went through several review cycles, contract lifecycle management has come a long way, thanks to technology. This article…

  8. Introducing the first generative AI Copilots built for enterprise contracting.

    Copilots by Icertis are advanced tools designed to enhance enterprise contracting processes. They utilize natural language capabilities to simplify legal jargon, accelerate contract reviews, and provide valuable insights. Built on the Icertis ExploreAI Service, Copilots ensure the security of valuable contract data. The Interactive Insights Copilot offers direct engagement and quick insights through predefined prompts…...…

  9. Overcoming Contract Backlogs with AI

    Managing contracts is one of the key areas that is ripe for process automation. Companies can no longer rely on manual methods to manage their contracts, as they risk missing out on key compliance requirements. Additionally, as companies grow larger, the process of manually combing through each agreement is no longer scalable or even sustainable.…

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    Are CPO’s Driving AI Innovation?

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Icertis has published its annual ProcureCon CPO report based on research undertaken by WBR Insights. The 2024 report uncovers the transformation of CPOs into key influencers shaping company strategies and the role of AI in navigating challenges and opportunities related to procurement processes, technology implementations and sustainability initiatives.