"SAP does not have a separate sustainability strategy"

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  1. SAP Fioneer’s ESG Software Holds Financial Institutions Accountable for CO2 Emissions

    SAP Fioneer launches ESG software to help financial institutions mitigate growing regulatory risks around CO2 emissions.

  2. “SAP does not have a separate sustainability strategy”

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    SAP has adopted a threefold approach to tackle emissions, with the primary focus being on avoiding emissions, followed by reducing emissions, and then compensating for any residual emissions. To avoid emissions, the company leverages digital tools such as virtual collaboration to minimize the need for travel and the associated emissions. To reduce emissions, SAP strives…

  3. Nine ESG Actions CFOs and Finance Leaders Can Take Today

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy and reporting are taking center stage as a top priority of many businesses today. Because of their position within the organization, CFOs are uniquely qualified to take action on such ESG initiatives. Yet many feel they are underprepared or unqualified to take the steps needed to enact ESG initiatives.…

  4. Capgemini and Parnters Publish Climate Change Study

    A recent study by Dassault Systèmes, Capgemini, and Bloom sheds light on the obstacles hindering climate action. The study, conducted from February to October 2022, reveals that consumer skepticism, lack of reliable information, and fear of social impacts are the main barriers to addressing climate change effectively. The analysis of over 330 million people’s opinions…