Digitizing Plant Maintenance with Tools from Evora

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  1. Empowering Field Workers with Mobile Solutions from Evora IT

    Frontline workers play a crucial role, but often face challenges in adopting digital tools meant to simplify their tasks due to a misalignment between the technology creators and the actual conditions and mindsets of frontline workers. Companies deploying new field service and asset management solutions encounter obstacles like user resistance, non-standardized processes, and limited resources.…

  2. Optimization Simulation

    Digitizing Plant Maintenance with Tools from Evora

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    While adopting SAP PM is a positive step, organizations must also embrace additional digital tools to modernize and improve the efficiency of their entire maintenance processes, ensuring integration with existing SAP systems. Evora, a provider of digital maintenance and field service solutions, addresses these needs with their EvoSuite. This suite includes Fiori applications built on…

  3. Migrating from SAP Work Manager to Service and Asset Manager – What Benefits Can SAP Users Expect?

    The world of technology is undergoing a vast transformation. Many companies are now migrating their on-premise enterprise platforms to cloud tech, requiring a large movement of data, transformation of various functions and adoption of necessary services that could guarantee long-term success. For SAP users, this development naturally means the migration from many solutions toward the…