SAP’s Approach to Pragmatic Composability in Commerce

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    SAP’s Approach to Pragmatic Composability in Commerce

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    Composable commerce adopts a modular strategy for digital commerce, enhancing the principles of modularity by enabling business users to design commerce experiences through low or high code platforms. Composability is a fundamental component of SAP’s comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) Strategy. SAP acknowledges the unique nature of each industry and enterprise, challenging the efficacy of generic,…

  2. Navigating Composable ERP

    Many organizations operate in a monolithic environment with a single system that hosts their capabilities. However, an environment which allows organizations to implement the right tool for the right technology provides better outcomes. This allows organizations to make work simpler, smarter, and more connected, and enables them to turn their existing transactional environments into intelligent…

  3. Delivering the Future of Digital Commerce: Engaging Tomorrow’s Customer Through SAP Commerce Cloud

      Cloud-enabled digital commerce is here to stay, yet many organizations lack modern capabilities that can help them evolve and thrive as competition intensifies. SAP Commerce Cloud can support the enterprise of the future, enabling businesses to manage multiple sales and communications channels on a single platform. Hosted on public cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud provides...…

  4. Optimizing Ecommerce Customer Experience with Digital River 

    By Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, SAPinsider     Key Takeaways   Organizations executing ecommerce transactions are subject to complex cross-border compliance requirements that can vary by each local destination.   Outsourcing back-office infrastructure using a merchant of record partner can help to simplify these responsibilities and protect organizations from compliance risks and penalties.   Digital River’s Payments, Tax, Fraud & Compliance Management app in the SAP store integrates with SAP’s commerce cloud to support compliant global ecommerce transactions that align...…

  5. Mastering Composable ERP for SAP Integration Challenges

    Composable ERP for SAP systems has emerged as a transformative approach and Int4 has hosted a webinar on it.

  6. What to Consider When Building Your SAP E-Commerce Implementation Team

    Examine the technical aspects of planning and executing an SAP E-Commerce project, including the skills required and the typical tasks involved with such a project. Key Concept The multiple channels required to satisfy customer preferences make mySAP CRM applications more complex to deploy from a technical standpoint. Understanding the different technologies to support each channel...…

  7. Architecting a Blueprint for SAP Migration Success with Master Data Management

    As support for SAP ECC is phased out, you may be looking for an efficient way to navigate the migration journey to S/4HANA.

  8. Overcoming Integration Challenges in ERP Modernization with Boomi

    Integration is a huge challenge for the hyper-connected SAP today. Boomi's iPaaS (Integration as a Service) platform AtomSphere can help in overcoming integration hurdles and accelerate ERP modernization. This content is for SAPinsider Monthly Subscription, SAPinsider Annual Subscription, and SAPinsider Premium Annual Subscription members only.Log In Join Now

  9. Taking Ecommerce to the Next Level

    With omnichannel options on the rise and a sophisticated ecommerce clientele demanding a seamless web-based purchasing experience, companies are under pressure to deliver a robust ecommerce platform that supports new and existing selling channels. This article takes an in-depth look at how companies can drive innovation by integrating their back-end systems with an ecommerce platform…

  10. 7 Steps for a Successful E-Commerce Go-Live

    Find out the seven steps you should take to avoid common oversights that can set back your SAP E-Commerce for mySAP CRM implementation. Key Concept SAP E-Commerce is a mySAP CRM tool that allows you to interact with customers on the Internet. SAP E-Commerce encompasses four main areas (E-Marketing, E-Selling, E-Service, and E-Analytics) to help...…