EcoVadis’s Carbon Action Module Declared Top Product of the Year by Environment + Energy Leader

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  1. Comply with the EPA’s MRR Standard with SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand

    Forthcoming carbon emission reporting and monitoring efforts enacted by US regulatory authorities represent yet another compliance dimension for many commercial interests. Learn how SAP has created a flexible approach for assessing your carbon footprint and follow-up steps you can take in your compliance and sustainability program. Key Concept SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand provides an assessment...…

  2. Mitigate Residual Risks When Using SAP’s Green Software Solutions

    Learn how to mitigate residual risks of carbon emissions when using SAP’s green software solutions. Find out more about SAP Carbon Impact on-demand service, how to visualize and compare carbon footprint data with dashboards, and how to mitigate sustainability residual risks. Key Concept Residual risks of carbon emissions are the remaining risks after sustainability controls...…

  3. Renewable Enterprise

    EcoVadis’s Carbon Action Module Declared Top Product of the Year by Environment + Energy Leader

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    EcoVadis’s Carbon Action Module (CAM) has won the Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader. The 2023 E+E Leader Awards initiative celebrates outstanding achievements in products and projects that bring about substantial benefits in terms of energy and environmental impact. The Carbon Action Module offers businesses a comprehensive perspective on each…

  4. A Fresh Look at Ongoing ESG and Carbon Accounting Developments

    Previous posts in this blog series on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and carbon accounting have spotlighted carbon accounting as a trend to watch, looked at ESG impacts on M&A, and tracked the emergence of new ESG standards.

  5. Gamifying Sustainability

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are an increasingly significant part of the decision-making process for organizations. It can be difficult to for organizations to forecast the impact of some of these decisions. Some are now turning to gamified simulations to play out scenarios. Baton Simulations offers its ERPsim solution to gain insights into the…

  6. EcoVadis Launches Product Carbon Footprint Data Exchange to Transform Collaborative Decarbonization Initiatives

    EcoVadis, the leading provider of business sustainability ratings, has introduced the EcoVadis Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Data Exchange, into its Carbon Action Module (CAM) to enhance the traceability of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) throughout its extensive supply chain network, out of which, 40,000 suppliers are actively participating in carbon reduction initiatives. The PCF Data Exchange…

  7. Green IT = Sustainable Businesses

    Sustainability should be the new headline for everything humans do. Sustainability means fulfilling current generations’ needs without compromising the needs of future generations. However, this is difficult to achieve. Sustainability issues have already started to affect our lives and our economies. This article explains how sustainability issues are affecting business operations and how IT can…

  8. SAP and BT Group Collab to Tackle Scope 3 Emissions

    SAP and BT Group have new partnership to showcase how carbon accounting can be standardized with SAP Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX).

  9. Sustainable Warehouses Through AI and Analytics

    The logistics and transportation sector contribute approximately 5.5% of the total greenhouse gas emissions.1 Within the logistics and transportation sector, it is estimated that logistics buildings contribute 13% of all supply chain emissions (shown in Figure 1). The relative percentage of contribution from logistics buildings highlights that warehouses significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Figure…

  10. Modernizing Labeling with SAP and Automation

    Loftware Spectrum is an all-in-one labeling solution that is delivered completely through a browser-based interface.