SAP's AI Copilot Joule: Implications for Finance

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  1. Reconsidering RISE with SAP

    Since RISE with SAP was originally released in 2021 much has changed. What was then seen as an essentially unknown business-transformation-as-a-service offering that was based around SAP S/4HANA Cloud is now the center of SAP’s plans for cloud ERP. RISE with SAP is also at the center of SAP’s newly announced Joule embedded AI and…
  2. SAP’s AI Copilot Joule: Implications for Finance

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    Joule by SAP represents a transformative step in enhancing AI and human collaboration within the finance sector. With its extensive integration into SAP’s suite of applications and addressing the challenges and needs highlighted by SAPinsider benchmark research, Joule is positioned to significantly impact finance teams using SAP systems. It aims to increase productivity by providing…
  3. Discover the Digital Assistant for the Enterprise

    The concept of a conversational user interface (UI) is well established in the consumer world, with Alexa and Siri being the most well-known examples of intelligent digital assistants that can recognize voice commands to complete useful tasks such as scheduling a meeting, turning up the thermostat, or playing music. But what is the potential impact…
  4. Microsoft Makes Strong Play to Drive AI Transformation

    Microsoft has been at the forefront of the AI revolution and is driving substantial AI transformations across multiple sectors. Recognizing the potential of AI to shape the future of computing, Microsoft intensified its focus on developing intelligent, responsible, and inclusive AI technologies that can augment human capabilities and productivity. Microsoft Cloud is powering AI transformation…
  5. SAP Unveils New Generative AI Assistant Joule

    SAP has announced its new generative AI assistant, Joule, operating as a natural-language, AI copilot to transform the way businesses run.
  6. Microsoft’s New Security Copilot Shields SAP Systems with AI

    Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Security Copilot, an AI-driven security solution, to revolutionize how companies like SAP defend.
  7. SAP Details First Cloud-Only Innovations

    Despite fielding many questions over the last few months about whether they are abandoning customers running on-premise solutions, and with CEO Christian Klein recently being compelled to make a statement at a customer event about how “no customer would be left behind,” SAP doubled down on their cloud ERP messaging during the “Rise into the…
  8. SAP Announces Multiple New AI Capabilities at TechEd

    Following the recent announcement of generative AI assistant Joule, SAP announced multiple new AI-related capabilities at SAP TechEd in Bangalore. Many of these new AI capabilities are part of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) including AI-powered application development, accelerated enterprise automation, the ability to host models from DataRobot in SAP AI Core, and AI Foundation…
  9. Discover SAP BTP’s Next-Generation Generative AI Assistant Joule

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  10. SAP Announces AI Co-Pilot Joule Embedded Build Code to Build Better Systems

    SAP has launched SAP Build Code, an application development solution that utilizes AI co-pilot Joule by embedding AI-based code generation.