Building Cognitive Supply Chains with Bristlecone

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  1. Data360 Analyze – Solution that Integrates Self-Service Data Prep with Advanced Data Quality and Robust Data Governance

    Empower users to discover and share insights faster with self-service data prep and analytics.

  2. How to Establish a Strong Data Governance Framework with Data360 Govern

    Learn how to proactively find, understand, and manage data for better business outcomes based on trusted data.

  3. Precisely Automate Studio + Data360 Analyze – Short Demo

    Explore Automate Studio MM02 Round-trip with external data validation from PLM by using Data360 Analyze.

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    Building Cognitive Supply Chains with Bristlecone

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Digital transformation is not only optimizing but revolutionizing supply chain operations, enhancing adaptability to unforeseen challenges. The adoption of AI and ML is on the rise, not just for their automation capabilities, but for their capabilities in managing the ever-increasing big data. As AI takes the lead, digitized processes, efficient workflows, and precise data operations…

  5. How a Data Catalog can Unlock the Power of your Organization

    A data catalog is a comprehensive repository of metadata, essential for understanding and managing an organization’s data. It includes technical, business, and operational metadata to provide insights into data structure, context, and usage. Key elements of a data catalog are an intuitive user interface, business context, extensive data information, robust governance, and automation. It addresses…