Simplifying Vulnerability Management with oXya

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⇨ Organizations face constant risks from system breaches or outages, both internal and external. Effective vulnerability management is crucial for identifying vulnerable datapoints in IT infrastructures proactively.

⇨ The oXya vulnerability management application utilizes multiple dashboards that display crucial information, which helps IT teams prioritize vulnerabilities based on their severity and exploitability scores, tailored to each organization's configurations.

⇨ The application also helps identify and correct SAP NetWeaver risks by providing an overview of target support packages, enabling informed decision-making in security risk management.

Organizations today are constantly at risk from system breaches or outages, both internal and external. Businesses need to have effective measures to identify vulnerable datapoints in their IT infrastructure to ensure that these threats are identified before they grow into a larger problem affecting different business units or operations. Therefore, having state-of-the-art vulnerability management is the need of the hour for enterprises to effectively mitigate these risks.

The robust vulnerability management application by oXya can be a boon to organizations looking to protect their SAP systems and manage SAP vulnerabilities. This vulnerability management application is built on CVE standards (NVD and ANSI) which are linked to the SAP support portal and act robustly in providing holistic visibility of SAP instances, active vulnerabilities, and available patches. It also works to continuously update the data.

The Oxya vulnerability management application uses multiple different dashboards covering CVE ID, impacted component, the patch to implement, associated SAP note, and time of vulnerability detection to provide a centralized view of all the detected threats. In addition, the dashboards also assign a severity (CVSS), exploitability scores to each vulnerability which encompass vulnerability exposure, depending on each organizations’ configurations, which identify the most salient SAP vulnerabilities to systems.

Having efficient and easy vulnerability management can make a considerable difference to an enterprise’s ability to mitigate system vulnerabilities. The oXya vulnerability management application significantly simplifies the search and detection process through the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and assists IT teams in prioritizing vulnerabilities which they must patch to neutralize security risks. Furthermore, users can obtain an improved overview of target support packages to identify and correct SAP NetWeaver risks, which helps users to make accurate decisions in correcting these security risks, saving time and resources in the rectification process. Lastly, the application leverages automated data collection capabilities to detect vulnerabilities in the background and provide the best possible patch to tend to them.

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