Key Takeaways and Learnings for SAP Security Professionals

The EMEA 2023 + Innovation & Technology Conference is a must-attend event for Cybersecurity Professionals who are dedicated to safeguarding data, systems, and applications in the digital age. This conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to gain insights into security priorities, understand the impact of moving to SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud, stay updated on potential security threats and attacks, and learn best practices in managing user and identity access.



  • Learn how to build more resilient SAP systems.
  • Stay informed on the latest potential threats and attacks.
  • Share best practices for managing user identities and access.


Our comprehensive agenda features 100+ sessions in 11 programs that cover the full gamut of education and networking that Cybersecurity professionals need in 2023. Take part in sessions that help you to cultivate a safe and secure SAP environment for your organization and make proactive decisions to prevent system weaknesses and breaches.



These sessions will help you protect against threats to your organization and get tools to monitor risks, identities and cyber threats that endanger your digital assets and networks.


In this session, you will learn how to optimize your organization with agile compliance processes and improved risk management and gain early and predictive insights to help protect your organization.



Tips to Implement MFA for Your SAP Applications
Learn practical tips and considerations for implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance the security of SAP applications. Discover best practices, case studies, and tools that can help strengthen user authentication and protect against unauthorized access.

Mastering RFC Security
Turbocharge Your SAP System with SAP UCON and Authorization Management: Dive into the world of RFC security and explore how SAP UCON and Authorization Management can turbocharge your SAP system security. Gain insights into best practices, real-world examples, and strategies for securing remote function calls.

Case Study: Shaping a Holistic SAP Cyber Security Environment
Learn from a real-world case study on shaping a holistic SAP cyber security environment. Gain insights into how organizations are implementing comprehensive security measures, including threat detection, incident response, encryption, and data protection.

Case Study: Power-Up Your Defenses
Leveraging SAP Enterprise Threat Detection – The Legend of Security at Nintendo: Discover the security journey of Nintendo and how they leveraged SAP Enterprise Threat Detection to power up their defenses. Learn about their strategies for threat detection, incident response, and proactive security monitoring.

Case Study: Implementation of SAP Access Control in Kerry Group and What Comes After That
Explore the implementation of SAP Access Control in Kerry Group and gain insights into the challenges, best practices, and lessons learned. Discover what comes after the initial implementation and how organizations can continuously optimize their SAP access control processes.


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