Key Takeaways and Learnings for SAP Architects

Now, more than ever, aligning your organization’s objectives to your IT strategy is central to your business transformation. Without the right tools and resources, your role can be complicated or overwhelming. The SAPinsider EMEA 2023 Conference & co-located Technology & Innovation Summit has got you covered.



  • How to prepare for and manage SAP S/4HANA and SAP applications in the Cloud
  • How to improve visibility into your system performance, security, availability, and efficiency
  • How to leverage SAP administrator tools such as Solution Manager or your Cloud ALM Solution


Our program features 100+ sessions in 11 programs that cover the full gamut of learnings Architects like you need: From the basics of SAP architecture to the advanced concepts that will take your organization to the next step, our sessions will help you manage your SAP system on a day-to-day basis, and help you plan the strategies to take it to the next level.



Integration + Enterprise Architecture
The sessions in our Integration + Enterprise Architecture program will help architects gain insights on aligning IT systems to business objectives, designing scalable and resilient systems, ensuring data integrity, enabling seamless connectivity between application, and more.


The sessions in our SAP BTP program will help you dive deep into the SAP Business Technology Platform, providing insights on how to create value through data, how to ensure that your development projects are faster, and more efficient, how to create cross-organizational efficiencies, and using the Cloud for smarter systems.



Exploring SAP BTP Reference Architectures to Master Multi-Cloud and Platform Environments
Dive into the world of multi-cloud and platform environments with SAP BTP. Learn how to design and implement reference architectures that enable your organization to leverage the benefits of multiple clouds and platforms.

Sizing/Capacity Modeling for Applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform
Discover best practices for sizing and capacity modeling to ensure optimal performance of your applications on SAP BTP. Gain insights into how to estimate resource requirements, plan for growth, and optimize cost-efficiency.

Case Study: How to Approach SAP S/4HANA as an Enterprise Architect and Go Live Quietly!
Learn from a real-world case study on how to approach SAP S/4HANA as an enterprise architect. Gain valuable insights into the planning, implementation, and go-live strategies that enable a smooth and successful transition to SAP S/4HANA.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey: Exploring Migration Capabilities with SAP Integration Suite
Explore the capabilities of SAP Integration Suite for accelerating your organization’s cloud journey. Discover how to migrate and connect your existing on-premises and cloud applications, ensuring seamless data flow and enhanced business processes.

Lessons Learned Over 50+ SAP BTP Projects
Benefit from the experiences and lessons learned from architects who have successfully implemented more than 50 SAP BTP projects. Gain practical insights into overcoming challenges, optimizing performance, and maximizing the value of SAP BTP for your organization.

A Comprehensive Guide to SAP BTP
Get a comprehensive overview of SAP BTP and its capabilities. Learn how to leverage the tools, services, and frameworks offered by SAP BTP to build, extend, and integrate applications, ensuring a robust and future-proof architecture.


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