SAP Integration Landscape Benchmark Webinar

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SAP Integration Landscape benchmark report

The enterprise landscape for SAP customers continues to become more complex. Accelerated adoption of cloud-based solutions since the start of the global pandemic has only added to this complexity.

In SAPinsider’s research we found that a majority of respondents were integrating an average of seven business solutions with their ERP system, and were using an average of four integration tools to perform these integrations. In this research, the average number of solutions being integrated increased from seven to eleven, with 13% of respondents stating they were integrating at least twenty solutions. And while in the past most of these solutions were likely to have been from one vendor, 9 out of 10 respondents in this report said that they needed to support non-SAP to SAP integration scenarios.

To provide us with the insight necessary to perform this research, SAPinsider surveyed 152 members of our community in July and August of 2021. As indicated above, 90% of those respondents said that they were supporting non-SAP to SAP integration scenarios within their organization, while only 78% said that they were performing SAP to SAP integration.

Attend the webinar on September 29 at 11am ET to have your questions answered and:

  • Discover the challenges that your peers are facing and the results they are experiencing
  • Learn the strategies they are using to successfully integrate data across the SAP landscape
  • Understand what is driving the adoption of integration solutions
  • Find out how you can build your own successful integration strategy

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