SAP Hacking – Let Google hack your SAP System 2.0

SAP Hacking – Let Google hack your SAP System 2.0

Attend this session to learn about critical vulnerabilities in SAP systems that are often not properly addressed, as well as, the impact a bad security design has on your SAP system landscape. Gain a firm understanding of the importance proper roles and authorizations have and what you need to consider in your security design. You will also see a live demo of how easily high-privileged users with some spare-time can alter your system and evade SAP’s security framework. Key takeaways will include:

- How to properly secure your SAP System •Understand how easy it is to bypass security due to overreaching authorizations
- A demo of how anyone with the help of the internet can hack your SAP system
- Learn how to easily change standard ABAP code by bypassing standard restrictions
- Debunking other myths about “security restrictions” in SAP systems

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